Business Success Coach Responds to Difficult Economy

Almost all companies whether large or small have been affected by the recession in some way or another. Businesses have learned to adapt or are left to become a statistic.  Even Dan Pena, business coach and founder of Quantum Leap Advantage, has announced new payment options for his special QLA Business Seminar held in his own estate in historic Guthrie castle in Scotland.  He has responded to the changing economic conditions by offering instalments which have never been accepted as a way to pay for this event. Pena says because of hard times new policies have been made.

This is not your ordinary seminar mind you. It comes with a very hefty price tag. Just imagine living a life of luxury in a 15th century story book castle for a week. Pena purchased the Scottish Castle in 1984 in a dilapidated state and underwent major renovation until 2003.  Boasting of 156 acres of outstanding natural beauty; it has a beautiful 2 acre walled garden which dates back to 1616, magnificent lawns a private Loch and its own 9-hole golf course.

Of course, attendees are not your ordinary seminar crowd. This elite few are the cream of the crop of the economic food chain; distinguished company presidents, CEOs and upper tier managers which have already reached a paramount level of success yet crave for more. This follows one of the seminars principles that high performance people are usually in company with the other super successful. This unique 8-day event focuses on exponential business growth in the shortest amount of time. The intensive course includes detailed notes, letters, scripts, audio/visual aids and individualized business plans of previous participants.

Dan Pena is a living legend in the seminar circuit and may not be as popular as other business gurus out there today, but for a good reason. Entrepreneurs are afraid of his methodologies because QLA forces people out of their shells and comfort zones.  Pena says that super success is made from hard work, big sacrifices and unconventional wisdom, which are not for the feint at heart.  He guarantees wealth beyond dreams to those with the guts to follow his methods step-by-step. His Castle is proof enough that even a poor Latino from the barrio like himself can achieve his wildest dreams.

Since his retirement in 1992, Dan Pena’s goal and purpose in offering the books, training, and specialized seminars, is to bring out proven strategies for wealth creation and protection starting with no money. He articulates his personal success development strategies and business success coaching methodologies which he and countless others around the world, have used successfully.


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