Issue #90 : Attitude Is Everything!!!

Having had 3 weeks in Africa, getting up at no later than 5 a.m. to trek after exotic animals, I was surprised, I started to grow tired! Hell, I was having a great time seeing animals up close! Some animals you only see in photos, on Animal Planet, or at zoos. Many of my photos can be seen on my Twitter and FB

When you are walking and riding through the jungle you have a lot of time to think about a lot of things! Your kids, business, mentees, and of course not getting eaten – LOL!

But as people who personally know me – I might get tired once in a while – BUT I NEVER EVER FEEL SORRY FOR MYSELF NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS TO ME! It is something I could never understand, because I have known since the mid-60s such feelings become self-fulfilling! I still remember going through boot camp in the Army in 1966 – Peenna (‘coz my red neck drill sergeant cud not say my name when yelling at me) you are the sorriest man in this man’s Army and if you don’t watch yourself, you will be sorry all your life! Of course he turned out to be wrong about me! But I do think once in a while, if he had not beaten me – where would I be today? And I even ponder more – what if it hadn’t been beaten into me – man is the only animal on earth that feels sorry for itself, while at Officer Candidate School (OSC) for 6 months! Hence, when various seemingly terrible things were dropped on me, during my long career, I never whined or lost heart and always kept my attitude high and in proper perspective! And believe me I have had some geometric falls from grace of biblical proportions!

I am currently coaching, mentoring, and or teaching perhaps 15 people that are striving to be high-performance individuals! Some are more resilient than others, but even the least strong is stronger than most in the universe of humanity! By definition to work with me, you need thicker skin and must be ok with a certain amount of verbal abuse! Lol! Long term mentees say I have softened in recent years and some even say I am a pussy cat compared to what I was like in the 90’s! Strange as it sounds, I have at least 1 current student/mentee who wants me to literally beat him like a rented mule! Lol! I have not hit a mentee in about 15 years! Lol! Of course, back then, he asked me to do it – because he said he wanted to remember the moment forever and drive (literally) points home! I obliged him and knocked him on his ass! 

I have written and said countless times it is not what happens to you in life that makes a difference! It is how we react to what happens to us in life that creates our history and more importantly – our future!

One of my best friends sent me the info below. He gave me my 1st legitimate job – as he would say! He contracted a life ending decease a few years ago and is still sailing his large boat without a crew, except for his loving wife of 50 years! I will see him in a few weeks. Statistically he should have left this earth some time ago – but as his wife recently told me – he is doing what he has always done! Putting 1 foot in front of the other and moving forward, albeit more gingerly now, in a very positive manner! He has not 1 ounce of self-pity, or remorse and continues to assist others. I am blessed to call him my friend since 1972! And 1 of the greatest compliments I was ever given – beyond all the recognition and awards I have received – was the day he told my peers and children – “Danny, your father worked so hard, I had to have security escort him out of the building, because he would not go home after many days at work. He slept at his desk.” 

Read below carefully and realize how wonderful you have it each day you wake up! And I hope each of you have a friend of 40 years – like I do!

If you’re having a bad day this little dude puts life into perspective!!

Attitude is everything!

Your attitude towards life defines not only who you are, but the quality of life you have.

You can’t do what??

Have you ever seen more beautiful smiles than these?

“God, forgive me when I whine, with eyes to see the sunset glow, feet to take me wherever I go, and hands to hold the dearest to me, the world truly is mine. God don’t let me whine!”

Anything bugging you today?

“Life isn’t about waiting for the thunderstorm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain. Anonymous

To Your Quantum Leap,



P.S. I will have another newsletter reference current topics soon! I didn’t want to dilute the value of this message!