Business Decisions: Starting a Business

Making decisions has always been hard for me—much more business decisions. I have seen people rise and fall, fall and rise in the business world. My friends and family have either encouraged me or discouraged me to start a business of my own. They would either say that it was a “leap of faith” or a “dive from the cliff.” Neither sounded encouraging; I was more confused than before. I knew that it was time for me to talk to someone who could help me more—someone I didn’t know.

One day, as I was going through a store in a nearby mall, I came across Dan Pena’s Quantum Leap Bootcamp. Since my friends and family members said that starting my own business was like a “leap of faith,” I thought that whoever came across this product must have made the right decisions and knew what he has been doing to be talking about “leaping.” As I listened to Mr. Pena’s past seminar discussions, I started to realize that he’s right! We can’t just use common sense in starting a business because there is only a common experience for everyone and everything! I took his seminar discussions personally since I felt that he was talking to me—someone who has been calculating business decisions and has not even started anywhere.

The Quantum Leap Bootcamp made me realize that being TERRIFIC is not the only thing that counts in the business world. It is being one tough cookie. It helped me accept the fact that I am not happy where I am and that I need to be somewhere else! I took the blame and didn’t point fingers to those who tried to discourage me or confuse me with my decisions. The running time of almost 3 and a half hours won’t make you feel stoned since the words of Mr. Dan Pena are straightforward and would hit you right on the spot! There are 14 tracks to follow and choose from and the MP3 file audio makes it easy for you to access and be able to listen to it anywhere you are.

Mr. Pena’s Quantum Leap Bootcamp has indeed helped me decide to make the big leap of my life! Now, I am enjoying the fruits of my labor and have also proved that I am not as chicken as they thought I was!