Business Success Seminar: Seminar for Life

Dan Pena’s Personal and Business 3-Day Seminar in audio/MP3 presents Quantum Leap Advantage Methodologies for personal and financial success in details. The 17 tracks run about 21 hours and they're all intended for entrepreneurs and business individuals. These MP3 files are accessible online and in your local computer. You can play them anytime, anywhere, and at your own convenience. Check this out here!


The seminar will clarify and erase all your negative thoughts about the different myths, lies, and misinformation that have been fed for years by other seminars who claim that they have all the knowledge to make it big in the business world. Remember that there is NO way for any person to succeed without knowing all the facts. Other people also find it difficult to go out of their comfort zone but this seminar will teach you how to break out and rise to the level of success that you truly deserve. The value of knowing that the power of claiming unstoppable self-esteem is possible now!

The seminar will also inform you on how to think like Dan and how to be as successful as he is. It will also reveal his secret on how he completely dominated his industry during a recession… the same time when everyone else was going out of business. Aside from being familiar with the Quantum Leap Advantage, it will also educate the people on how to use the power of “Quantum Thinking.” It will expose you how to have the winning leverage in any business and create massive profits! You also will be knowledgeable of the different mistakes entrepreneurs make and how these mistakes virtually kill your chance of succeeding. FAQ sessions are recorded for you to get a chance to listen to attendees’ questions and Dan’s answers over and over again until you get all the ideas. A revolutionary idea about goal setting will be presented and even the business-building strategies behind the success of his companies in America, Europe, and Asia will give you the chance to duplicate it yourself and make it!

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Some seminars can only be remembered for a short time and some may be totally forgotten—but Dan’s Business Success Seminar is something that you will absolutely remember for life and something you'll use to make a real quantum leap and super success!