Seminar Rescheduled Due to Injury

Bad news and bad news! I am injured! I  can’t give the seminar this month! I had an accident. I had my rotator cuff torn and bicep of the right shoulder. I had surgery and quite incapacitated, with  3 titanium anchor bolts in his  bone. I am in an  arm sling with instructions not to […]

August 8 2010 Webcast Galapagos (Cancelled)

My next webcast will be on August 8, 2010 5pm London, UK time. I'll be broadcasting from the Galapagos Islands Web broadcast schedule postponed. I'll be in Rio at this date and the internet connection will not be good enough to stream video. Stay tuned for updates.

Dan Pena’s 1st QLA live Webcast [Recording]

This is the recording of my live webcast last July 10, 2010. I'm talking from a hotel terrace in Monte Carlo with the ocean and yachts in the background. I tried to answer all the questions from participants in the chat room. I talked about available business opportunities arising from current events, business in Asia […]

Daniel Pena to Conduct First Live Online Seminar

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 27, 2010 — Free business success Webinar to be conducted by Dan Pena using Ustream. Super success Coach Dan Pena will be conducting a live webinar on July 10, 2010 9 am Pacific Standard time. This is the firstlive broadcast he will be doing over the internet. The topic will be […]

You Can’t Be What You Cant See

After many years of coaching it never ceases to amaze me how much better a student does with direct coaching he can hear  and see!  Since May 1993 when I gave my 1st QLA Seminar in Los Angeles it has been obvious to me that 1 on 1 face to face coaching was far superior […]

Inspired or Desperate?

Oops! Forgot it was Memorial Day weekend in the USA! Being a very proud Veteran myself, my thanks goes out to all that have served and died for their countries around the world! Was so busy working, it escaped me – so  Happy Memorial Day to those in the USA! Enjoy, but keep working! I […]