Powerful Words from a Business Tycoon

Have you attended seminars and lectures and have done nothing but yawn and fight your sleepiness? Some people are not able to resist the urge to sleep as you do. It’s such a drain both physically and mentally to stay in a place and sit all day listening to things you already know or things […]

Issue #83 : 40 Years And Still Going!

  Dear QLA Visionary and Devotee: Hope your holidays were happy and you have more success in 2011 than you can imagine! The New Year is upon us and this is the time I historically discuss goals, aspirations and the positive affirmations that go along with them. I have been doing this for most of […]

Timid People: Bold Economy

As the economy accelerates, not only lives and business sectors are affected but also the performance of different government agencies. The New York times reported that officials at the Federal Reserve tend to be timid in their work since they are being questioned regarding whether they are doing too much to speed up economic growth […]

Trust and Belief in Business

Trust as they say is like money that you can spend, save, and lend and sometimes you get robbed. As a businessman, I have tried several times to look for ways that would help me expand what little I know in the business world. I have read dozen of business books, spent thousands in buying […]

It’s all a Lie

As much as we don’t want to recognize and admit it, almost everyone wants to have the opportunity to be wealthy and knows the ways how to be one. Unfortunately, there are people who grab this chance by tricking those “ignorant” first timers and giving them advice that would bring millions with just a blink […]

Economic Rise and Fall

Recession has been a problem right after the world economy was invented. Businesses have risen and fallen and people have gone into and out of work, families have starved and prices have been erratic. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the United States is trying its best to recover from the severe recession it […]