Dan Pena’s Castle Seminar 2010 moved to April 18-24

Dan Pena’s QLA Seminar, previously scheduled for April 11-17, 2010 has been moved to April 18-24 2010. The change allows others a better opportunity to attend and experience the castle extravaganza. The event will take place at his estate in Guthrie Castle, Scotland. The Quantum Leap Advantage seminars are known to deliver hard-hitting, no-nonsense seminars, […]

January–February 2010 Trip Schedule

I’ll be on several business trips at the beginning of 2010. It will begin in Asia, US and end in UK. For those who want to meet, you can contact my assistant Jan 3 – 7 Beijing Jan 7 – 9 Hunan Jan 9 – 12 Shanghai Jan 17 – 19 Singapore Feb 4 […]

December 2009 & January 2010 Trip Schedule

I’ll be on several business trips at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010. It will begin in the US, UK, Asia then back in the UK. For those who want to meet you can contact my assistant December trip sched: 2009 Dec 6 -12 United States Dec 13-19 United Kingdom 2010 China […]

Business Success Coach Dan Peña Gives Away Free QLA Product

For the first time ever, Dan Pena’s “Live at the Harvard Club MP3” is now being given away for free. Pena QLA products usually come with very expensive price tags and are out of budget range for junior executives or middle management. His seminars alone have been priced at $15,000 and his books have been […]

QLA Castle Seminar 2010 Openings for Reservation

Dan Pena’s QLA Castle Seminar now has slots open for reservation. The seminar date is April 11-17, 2010.   Dan Pena is the creator of the Quantum Leap Advantage methodology for exponential business growth.. This seminar produced the likes of Ron LeGrand, Deann and George Verdier, Bruce Whipple, Bodo Schaeffer, Lucinda Burke, Heiko Faass, Martin […]

Dan Pena releases 75th Newsletter

Pena talks about the financial crisis, his activities in the past year and future plans. Dan Pena, entrepreneur, mentor, author, and speaker extraordinaire, has released his 75th Newsletter.  Since 1993, this business newsletter has been an invaluable source of knowledge for entrepreneurs looking for that edge to get ahead. Periodically Dan issues QLA Newsletters on […]