Newsletter Issue #104 : Dan’s Year-End QLA Newsletter

Hi,   2013 TERRIFIC AND 2014 EXPECTED TO BE EVEN BETTER FOR ALL QLA DEVOTEES!!!!! Hi all!  You probably are asking, why “Dan The Money Man,” (as the Financial Times of London referred to me in the 90’s), or more recently called Dan The Financial Magician (aka Wizard) by a WORLD RENOWNED SPIRITUAL MEDIUM, could […]

Newsletter Issue #103 – $34 Billion Man

HAPPY HOLIDAY YEAR END WEBINAR  As a sign of  brotherly love and equal opportunity, I am giving a QLA Webinar Dec 28 from Guthrie Castle! The cost is zero, though it has been suggested more than once to charge for webinars to illuminate the people that are not as serious as some! The hard core […]

Newsletter Issue #102 – 15 Keys to Make Your Quantum Leap in 2014 and New QLA Info!

HOW CAN YOU PREPARE FOR 2014? OR DO YOU WANT TO STAY WHERE YOU ARE?? Preparing for 2014, I was doing research and reading my past QLA newsletters. I also reviewed my notes from my many meetings on my 6 week trip around the world! Though I commented in my last newsletter, I found many […]

Newsletter Issue #101 : Do you spend more time planning your holidays than you do your future?

YEAR END APPROACHING Well as the year comes to a close, I am reminded of the new deals I have entered into in 2013 and the ones I turned down! This year I took on two new projects: an alternative energy deal; and a property deal! Of course a couple deals fell by the way […]

QLA Newsletter #100 – Seminar Update and New Schedule

My last QLA Seminar at the Guthrie Castle in Sept 21 – 26 of 2013 was a tremendous success. Robert Maier from Germany shares how the 3 Castle Seminars he has attended in the last 12 Months has helped him achieved quantum growth. View his video testimonial below [fve][/fve] As QLA success studies have ascertained […]