Issue #88 : Dan Pena QLA Newsletter From Asia

Dear High Performance Visionary: QLA GROWTH STILL ALIVE AND WELL! For those of you that might NOT have believed QLA RESULTS were still possible like I and others have accomplished – you missed the recent headline! Instagram and the fastest, biggest payouts in tech startup history It is extremely gratifying to see success like exhibited […]

Issue #87 : Dan Pena QLA Newsletter From Suez Canal

Emotional Commitment To Being A High Performance Person While reading e-mails of mentees and wannabe-mentees, I am reminded of 4 Peñaisms: Success is like taking “Miracle Grow” (Fertilizer) for character flaws! And Super Success exacerbates flaws even more! Don’t waste time on things you can’t change! We are only as emotionally strong as our deepest/biggest […]

Issue #86 : Announcement of the Next Castle Seminar

It is with great pleasure that I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate all your interest in the New Castle Seminar in May. I am happy to see business-minded individuals taking action to improve their performance, and up their game. This is the first time the seminar has been sold out eight […]

Issue #85 : First New QLA Product since the 90s and Invitation from a Mentee

  Happy New Year, Last year was a busy year for me.  However, in spite of my hectic schedule and traveling last year, I still found time to put together something new and special for you. I have put together the role playing sessions from my past seminar.  If you’ve never been to a QLA […]

Issue #84 : May 2012 Castle Seminar: Guest “Internet Guru” to Speak at Extended Castle Event! Seminar is 20% longer at no extra cost.

  Dear High Performance Visionary: NEW SPECIAL EXTENDED CASTLE SEMINAR The world seems to be coming apart, if you believe the newspapers and cable TV! What can you do today? There are serious strategies you could consider to enhance your chances of financial survival! Not everybody suffers the same during financial crisis! How would you […]

Business Decisions: Starting a Business

Making decisions has always been hard for me—much more business decisions. I have seen people rise and fall, fall and rise in the business world. My friends and family have either encouraged me or discouraged me to start a business of my own. They would either say that it was a “leap of faith” or […]