QLA Mentorship Testimonials

Fancsali Attila

“Year-long seminar mentor program was really great at helping me understand and deepen some of the knowledge acquired at the Castle. It was really comforting to know that you have someone out-there to rely on for unbiased, no BS advise and point of view. It was very useful for pushing me along and giving me […]

Markus Bauer

“Started with the mentee program in 2010 Oktober! Had one company (lets call it company 1) with a revenue about 1 Million Euro! Now we write the year 2013: Increased revenue to 3,5 Million for this company 1.”

Cristina Morosan

“The businesses each of the participants comes from are so varied and, on top of it, Mr. Pena’s business and life experience is so vast, that you can almost mentally create a clear picture of the worldwide business life. Mr. Pena is a macro-thinker!”

Michelle Abreu

“These monthly conf calls are super important to me, not because they remind me of being at the castle, but because they remind me of the things that I need to do more of. As you know, we all have MANY years of wrong, fearful mental conditioning, especially when it comes to business. The more […]

Robert Maier

“I was searching for years, but he is the only person I could find in the world who is able and willing to pass over his professional leadership skills, his tons of knowledge of the real (and hard) high performance business world, and much much more directly, intensively and unforgettable to his mentees, because – […]

Josef Balavanovsky

“The greatest benefit that I received from the QLA seminar is my mentor relationship with Dan. Dan is like a Zen teacher – if I lose focus he gives me a good beating and says “Wake up!”. I’m only sorry for 1 thing – that I didn’t write him often enough during my 1 year […]