QLA Mentorship Testimonials

Steve Gray

“You’ll learn how to play to win. Instead of sitting back figuring out how not to lose and stay safe, you’ll discover how to perform when you are so far outside your comfort zone that most people would wither with fear.”

Usman Muhammad

“Going away from the call [with Dan], I feel more energized. Watching and hearing you drill the points is a great part of being mentored…I think the weekly reports are very powerful for holding oneself accountable.”


“The weekly reports and con Calls was very important 4 me, not only to “keep me on track” but also to integrate what was taught at QLA to a much deeper degree. Also the couple of phone Calls With Dan was useful for direction.”

Manjit Kaur (Mrs. Sidhu)

“Writing those reports have also forced me to take stock of things in my life, of what’s helpful and what’s not, of my priorities and of the constraints I put on myself and my aspirations.  This process in itself is revealing – and sometimes painful as well, as I am forced to ask myself some […]

Michael Pierce Ceo, Founder Brownstone Group

Since starting the QLA program and having Dan as my business mentor, I’ve been able to buy into several multi-million dollar businesses. QLA methodologies are a proven set of business precepts and principles applicable world-wide that have enabled me, someone that had absolutely no money or business experience to start with and achieve business success! […]

David Garofalo Former Managing Director Inter-Alliance Group PLC London

“I, together with my team, successfully listed my company on the AIM… continuing to follow Dan’s methodology, in 3 years we completed 6 acquisitions, including cross boarders in to Asia…raised equity and debt working capital 8 times…won numerous awards, including the Deloitte and Touche (UK), fastest growing mid-cap, for 2001.No matter what the situation my […]