QLA Seminar Testimonials

Jim Ehretsman Chicago, Ill

“Coming from a Fortune 5 corporation, I not only learned things from Dan that I never learned in all of my corporate years, but I was also able to aggressively formulate a game plane to successfully consolidate an industry using Dan’s proven methodologies. Less than 90 days after meeting with Dan and outlying our intentions, […]

Oscar Recouso Switzerland

This is by far the best seminar I have ever attended. Dan totaly walks his talk. I’ll recommend his seminar to anyone who wants to make a real financial and personal difference in their lives.”

Michael Roman-Pintille London, England

“This is the one seminar to finish ALL SEMINARS! I had the same experience when I reached…my airplane in Bucharest Romania knowing that I will not come back and defect to the UK. I could not tell anyone how scary and how lively and how blessed I felt! To take off into your future and […]

Dale C. Bullough Founder, Dale Bullough & Associates Dallas, TX

“I had the opportunity to hear live an amazing individual named Daniel S. Peña, Sr. who built a company from scratch to $400,000,000…This is not theory. He did it. He will show you how to do it…His powerful one day…Quantum Leap seminar…reveals secrets he learned the hard way. Dan is really powerful…You have no risk! […]

Craig Hofman President, Hof’s Hut Los Angeles, CA

“Since 1989, I have seen many of the top world business resources through my participation in the Young Presidents Organization. Your seminar had more ‘take home value’ than any YPO business presentation I have experienced.”

Rich Rininer Jacksonville, Florida

“I was expecting a good beating. That was the only disappointment because Dan is the kinder, gentler Dan. No more fooling myself. I decided to come despite believing I would not like him. Who cares? I do respect him and he was like no other speaker. Period. After Dan Pena you won’t need to question […]