YFHM Testimonials
Jonthan M. Rapley

Dear Stuart, With reference to the above publication recently acquired through you, I am writing to thank you for introducing me to Dan Pena. Mr. Pena’s methods and considerable achievements are detailed throughout with great style and his passion for business is inspiring. You know from the start of the book that this man knows […]

John Davis

On Tuesday 18 July, I ordered ‘Your First 100 Million’. It arrived on Thursday 20 July. On Monday, I attended my grandmother’s funeral. On Tuesday 25, I flew to Italy for a five day break with my lovely lady, Chris. We were inseparable. The book and myself, that is. I finished the book with two […]

Michael Pierce

Dear Dan, I’ve just finished re-reading “Your First 100 Million” as well as your recent email newsletter. I feel as though I’m comfortable enough to embark on the journey to Brownstone Corporate Industries $1.2 Trillion goal! The experiences I’ve had to date haven’t killed me! And after about 4 months of flying from company to […]

Philip Warmly

“Just wanted to drop you a quick note in regards to “Your First Hundred Million”. What can I say…Wow, absolutely fantastic info. Blew my socks off. But you already knew that!”