Daniel Peña – Live at the Harvard Club 2 CDs (MP3)

Daniel Peña – Live at the Harvard Club 2 CDs (MP3) FREE

Dan Peña’s electrifying keynote address presented at the renowned New York City Harvard Club addresses the necessity of focus in the QLA methodology and becoming a high-performance individual. He gives life-changing lessons for making your life “all it can be!” Considered his best!

In Live at the Harvard Club, you’ll discover:

• The #1 reason why you aren’t making the money you’re truly capable of!
• How to practice no-limit thinking and free yourself from any ideas that hold you back!
• The importance of paying yourself first! If you don’t do this, you’ll probably never get rich!
• Discover the proven formula that creates fortunes for tycoons, millionaires and billionaires!
• The 2 absolute best books ever written on how to become a high-performance person!
• And much, much more!




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  1. 01-Side-A
  2. 02-Side-B


Technical notes:

Runtime is 2.3 hours
MP3s are encoded with LAME VBR medium
MP3s contain proper ID3 tags
On iTunes/iPods, enable “sound check” for normalization to 92 dB (replaygain info is in tags)



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