Issue #89 : Dan Pena QLA Newsletter From Singapore

Hope you’re all enjoying my Facebook posts and Tweets of recent weeks! As I have written, I have taken over the 2 accounts myself. It has proven easy, though some of you have said my cryptic writing has been less than easy to read at times! 

As I have written in Tweets, I spent 3 days in Singapore at a Techy Investment Seminar. It was interesting and worth going to, but as a very experienced investor I found it NOT EXTRAORDINARY for a number of reasons:

1)          Many of the concepts, while using slightly different nomenclature and words covered material I have been talking about for 20 years – such as startups, building lean companies, advisors that have been there and done it, focus, loving what you do, commitment and pivoting. Pivoting meaning changing investment direction when what you are doing doesn’t work. Contrary to what I thought – I believed I invented pivoting in 1984 when I went public and completely changed investment direction and focus after 90 days! LOL!

2)         All in the audience that “were there to invest” were asked to raise their hands, which I did – No. 1 approached me out of the 1,000 attendees.

3)         Though some of the presenters were OK speakers most attendees lacked the self-confidence to adequately raise money for their deals. It actually gave me an idea for a new QLA seminar for geeks!

4)        Only 1 speaker used bad language to describe what he thought:

a)     He was 1 of the youngest at 21

b)     He was 1 of the most successful vies a vies startups though some of the older had made more money

c)      He said when looking for partners and founders make sure they have no kids, spouses and other attachments which I found very insightful for a kid 

d)     He said pick either traffic or revenue for your goal – I would also add you MUST tell your investors/partners  which 1 it is – though I prefer a model that produces revenue over traffic cause you can’t pay rent with traffic – techies seem to get a much bigger chest when discussing traffic

5)         No one was looking for BIG MONEY

6)        Only a few had exited from a startup

7)         A few were in their 2nd or 3rd start up but hadn’t got rich yet

8)        Only 1 speaker admitted a failure in a start up

9)        They all had dreams – but all could have dreamt much bigger

10)     All the kids looked a like – young, jeans, t shirts, tennis shoes, with a lap top bag over their skinny shoulder – lol!

What was interesting was to see the difference between their thoughts reference the amount of money needed to get a startup initiated and running in Asia and in the USA!  The VC’s and private equity firms were a lot smaller than in the USA or UK.

Notwithstanding the above I will attend more this year in my search for talent and interesting deals!



We had a great Castle Seminar! SORRY U MISSED IT!

Probably our very best:  YouTube; more role playing; an extra day with internet mysteries told by a long time extremely successful internet guru mentee (LOL – because there no secrets just mysteries); a full house though 3 cancelled at the last minute having already paid; me in exceptional mental (as always) and physical shape at a new slimmed down 95 kg’s (209 lbs.); new and improved QLA processes, priorities, procedures, protocols, and guidelines with new video and new audio training aids; my butler at your service; an extraordinary chef for your special dietary needs; plus the magnificent ambiance of the 156 acre 15th century story book Guthrie Castle with the recreation/entertainment room in the tower, 9 hole golf course and fully equipped gym!

I was asked more than once during the seminar (and in life) how I keep so energized talking and screaming at least 10 hours a day for 6 straight days? I was also asked how I keep all the facts and details straight during the same time frame for all the deals and models in the room vies a vies what they wrote in their pre seminar documentation? The answer is obvious! I love what I do and because of this, I am extraordinary at what I do! Having the brain as big as the planet doesn’t hurt – LOL! And as I tell all attendees – what the seminar really tells you very clearly and is worth 10 times what they pay – IT REVEALS IF WHAT YOU ARE DOING IS WORTH YOUR TIME? BEAUSE WE ONLY HAVE SO MUCH TIME AND WE ALL RUN OUT OF RUN WAY! Hence, I truly believe the main reason people don’t adopt QLA is they don’t want to come face to face with their own previous decisions, choices and poor results! If you would like to discuss this aspect with older attendees that wasted a lot of time in their lives – I can put you in touch with a number of high performance people who came to the game a little later than they could have had they taken action earlier!

The reality is I can keep track of the repeat attendees that said they would do 1, 2, 3 last seminar (or even years before) and didn’t do it! LOL! In fact I can remember things people told me years ago! The good news and the bad news is my brain keeps a natural balance of human accountability and responsibility!



Our next castle seminar is already ¾ full and should be a real “barn burner” as they say in Texas! As the marketing gurus would tease – I have a couple new “tips” for the lads!

I am writing to remind you of the October seminar 4 months from now, because 5 of the 13 at the recent Castle event have said they want to return in October! Plus we have 4 additional already signed up that could not make the May event! At maximum we can take 16! You might wonder why I get so many repeat attendees? This May we had 3 attending their 2nd time and 1 attendee there for his 6th time! And 1 of the late cancelled attendees would have been attending for the 3rd time – she will be there in Oct! The answer is very simple! All participants continue to gain additional value from repeating the process! I am told attending the Castle seminar is like good sex! You can never have enough of it! Lol! Those that are the most successful following QLA say it is a life style change! The seminar I mean! Lol! Taking FULL responsibility and accountability for ones actions will improve and change your lives forever! I guarantee it!

If you are serious about attending, let Thelma know at This is no Gary Halbert or Dan Kennedy marketing hype – merely the facts!

To remind you what you get:

1)          The 7 day long (extended 1 day at no additional cost) at my normal $3k per hour x 60 hrs = $180k value

2)         Use of me for the next 12 months by email, phone by appointment which can have no appropriate value placed upon this time

3)         Weekly accomplishment reports reviewed by me – again no value can be placed on this additional guidance

4)        Monthly con calls with all attendees and me – $3k times 1.5 hrs x 12= $234k

5)         All the QLA product worth $1,700

6)        Exposure to like-minded high performance people from all over the world which no value can be attributed to people you will meet

8)        And as much “special 1 on 1 time” as needed to discuss your dreams and QLA plan to accomplish them ASAP

Or a grand total of at least $420,000 worth of my time, not counting room and board and your QLA and Guthrie Castle gifts!!!

9)        And maybe for 1 person – an opportunity for me to become part of your “Dream Team” – again no value can be attributed to this opportunity

Hell, as I read what I just wrote – I want to sign up for my own event – at a mere 10k pounds or about $15,000!  And that is Gary Halbert hype! God rest his soul – as one of the pre immanent marketers and copy writers of all time I spent a 3 day experience with him on his 55th birthday in the Florida Keys! Gary never went to the Castle, but many of his friends and mentees did along with other notables: Ted Nicholas, Shawn Casey, Ron Legrand, Ed Taylor, Henry Freeman, Bodo Schaeffer to name a few. And all have had great things to say about me and the extraordinary event! And if this was a real Gary Halbert marketing letter, it would have their testimonials and be 10 times longer! But instead you can go to and look at and listen to the YouTube video testimonials.

I look forward to hearing from you!


To Your Quantum Leap,



P.S. For those of you that would like to talk to someone in your mother tongue let Thelma know. We have Castle alumni that speak: Romanian; Norwegian; Icelandic; Russian; Hebrew; German; Texan; English; Italian; Dutch; Arabic; Spanish; French; Mandarin; and a few others!

P.P.S. In case you missed it from my social media – here is the opening of the recent May Castle Seminar!

You can see other videos of the other days on you tube QLA Seminar.