Dan Pena’s Castle Seminar 2010 moved to April 18-24

QLA Castle SeminarDan Pena’s QLA Seminar, previously scheduled for April 11-17, 2010 has been moved to April 18-24 2010. The change allows others a better opportunity to attend and experience the castle extravaganza. The event will take place at his estate in Guthrie Castle, Scotland.

The Quantum Leap Advantage seminars are known to deliver hard-hitting, no-nonsense seminars, packed with the brutal truth about making big money and specific entrepreneurial topics. In his 7 day information packed seminar, Pena will be sharing the “Eleven Steps to Success” anyone can follow to become super-rich; how to change the way we think about business and make the kind of money others envy; and many more powerful secrets, strategies, tools and tactics required to make a lot of money in any business now and not later.

For more information visit www.danpena.co.uk . For booking reservations you may contact thelma@guthriecastle.co.uk.