Daniel Pena to Conduct First Live Online Seminar

June 27, 2010 —

Daniel Pena Ustream WebcastFree business success Webinar to be conducted by Dan Pena using Ustream.

Super success Coach Dan Pena will be conducting a live webinar on July 10, 2010 9 am Pacific Standard time. This is the firstlive broadcast he will be doing over the internet. The topic will be on creating deals during tough economic times. Pena will be offering this web seminar for free.

A popular and free webcasting site, Ustream will be the hub for this campaign. Those who wish to participate can using their existing Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook accounts to join. They may also signup to Ustream to ask discuss with others in the chatroom. All participants will enter a chatroom where they can interact with other attendees or ask Dan questions directly.

Dan Pena has been conducting business success seminars since 1993. He is best known for his highly exclusive business seminar titled – Quantum Leap Advantage, held at his home in Guthrie Castle Scotland. This is an excellent opportunity for those hindered by distance, time or due to lack of resources to experience firsthand his style and gain direct access to the business expert in real time.

Pena gave a statement in his last newsletter that:

“It will be in an easy format you can ask questions and I will answer live. I am looking forward to the experience. There are not many things I have not done in my life and this is certainly one of them! “

Pena’s goal is to bring out proven strategies for wealth creation and protection and change the way success information is disseminated on the planet. Online broadcasting will be used as a new medium of communication apart from his books and seminars.

Dan Pena Business Success Web Seminar

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