Deal Making: Deal like a Pro

Deal MakingIt’s only been a few years that I have started my business yet I was starting to lose focus and get discouraged when everything that I have been looking forward to was not falling to places. I tried to talk to other friends who were in the same business but they only told me that it’s just natural to lose some while you’re still starting. Well, I was not using SOME – I was losing A LOT! And I can’t afford to lose more or else I have to file for bankruptcy! I don’t have any idea about deal making!

With no place to go, I went to my favorite restaurant to think what to do: whether to give up my business and become the doctor my father wants me to be or just be patient and go to the nearest bank and apply for another loan, which will bury me deeper in the grave. I was in the middle of convincing myself that I could do it while fighting with that fact, I overheard the voice of the young man talking to an older man in the next table. Not that I was eavesdropping – well maybe I was, but he seemed so confident that he got the old man’s full attention: including mine! He knew what he was doing and what he was talking about when he was making a proposal and talking about his business. He was dealing like a pro! I wasn’t surprised when the old man agreed to his proposal and made the deal with the smart young man. And what was more embarrassing was that I wanted to make a deal with him as well.

The senior went ahead and the young businessman was left sitting on the next table fixing his things. Not being to help myself, I turned to him and congratulated him on a job well done. I asked him what his secret was and he said that he bought Mr. Dan Pena’s “How to Make Deals and Acquisitions like a Pro – Audio Training Program.” Without any questions, I visited and bought a copy.

Mr. Dan’s ideas on how to become one the world’s best negotiators has been very helpful and now making deals is like selling cold lemonade on a hot summer day!