Issue #85 : First New QLA Product since the 90s and Invitation from a Mentee


Happy New Year,

Last year was a busy year for me.  However, in spite of my hectic schedule and traveling last year, I still found time to put together something new and special for you.

I have put together the role playing sessions from my past seminar.  If you’ve never been to a QLA seminar, we devote a good portion of time to role playing between students.

Practice makes perfect, and if you are looking for cash to grow your business, or acquire a new one you are going need practice in speaking, knowing what to ask, what to say, and how to present yourself. You will hear good role plays and bad ones. You will hear me critique each student on what they said right, or what they said wrong.  Since you can’t take me along to meet your banker, the next best thing would be to listen to these valuable audios.

Having given thousands of presentations thru my 40 year career, I can’t emphasize enough how much practice plays a part in your ‘performance’.

This new product includes 8 LIVE role plays from my previous seminar. In addition to the role playing, we will discuss Your Quantum Leap action Plan for 12 hours: How to build your dream team, getting money for your deal, how to interview financial institutions, and how to finance internal growth, and external growth through acquisitions.

As time is of the essence in any deal, I’ve decided to provide this to you as instant downloads. You can listen to me and my students in action right from your computer.

This product will only be available for 48 hours, then I’m taking it down! It goes on sale Feb. 29th, and after 2 days it will be gone! For those that are truly serious you have an opportunity of a life time! Download the New QLA 2012 now!


To Your Quantum Leap,



An invitation to the Castle Seminar 2012



My name is Bill and I've been a QLA follower for the better part of 6 years. I will be at Dan's seminar in May. showing how real players make real money on the internet.

But I'm not here to talk about my accomplishments or the countless opportunities which exist online. Dan has already hinted at what I've done in a past newsletter, so I won't rehash that here.

This email is for the QLA fence-sitters and those of you who – for whatever reason – can't pull the trigger on serious decisions…like making the life-changing decision to hear Dan speak next month.

I was having dinner alone tonight – something I like to do so I can reflect on the day, and I was thinking about a few emails that crossed my desk these past few days. These are emails from guys who are serious about Dan's methodology. They listen to his sage wisdom and they occasionally write to him about their success and failures.

This note is directly for you guys and the other undecided.

The question you should be asking yourself is: "Am I Doing My Very Best"

If you are making 6 or 7 figures a month as some of you are – that's all great and good – but is it the best you can do? Are you performing at your peak performance? Are you pushing yourself hard? I would venture to say you aren't. I would go one step further and say you aren't even close.

I'll bet if you've tasted any level of success the world around you (or should I say the world you've built around yourself) is now kissing your ass. Existing in an environment like that makes it hard to grow, and it's impossible to receive any level of critique that can move you in a forward direction.

In that environment, where can you go for real advice? Answer: Nowhere.

I've been to at least 6 seminars myself, and each one has been worth the time and money spent.

The financial benefits aside I have learned discipline and life lessons which I may never have acquired on my own. How can you put a price on taping directly into 40 years of high performance business experience?

You can’t.

Some of you guys can't come due to marriage problems, or your partner won't come, or some other reason which you've made 'important.’

These things are holding you hostage from success – and you are allowing it.

Some of you feel you are effective "chilling" in Thailand…thinking perhaps that by some type of universal Osmosis you can rub shoulders with movers and shakers or engage in some kind of personal growth on the beach.

You can't.

If Dan stopped giving seminars and stopped meeting new people…would you regret not coming to the castle? Would it bother you to know you had the chance to spend 7 full days with "Mr. Take no hostages, No BS, Get the f*cking Job Done" Pena?

He's getting older, and there is no guaranteed he'll continue doing these seminars. His life doesn't change if he gives them or not. But yours for sure can!

Those of you who are making real money now: Success does not equal high performance! I was successful before I was ever high performance. Success can be fleeting but becoming high performance can virtually guarantees success.

So guys, are u going to think about it, talk about it, dream about it…or will u take action to change your life?

Personally, I have nothing to gain if you come or not. Writing this letter has no other benefit other than to kick a few of you (who I know personally) in the ass…to take some action to get yourself to the next level. And speaking of next level…

It pains to me to see guys who want it, but don't want it bad enough. Here's a private video (meant only for me) which I'll share with you here. This video was done by an old friend, who is always dreaming and talking about online success. I have told him to just "do it", and stop dreaming about it.

I have accused him of stalling on his projects, which he's doing. He m

ade a video for me in October, and he still has not tested his new idea! What if it's a flop? He would've wasted months, maybe years. Failing fast (and moving on) is the name of the game…

Have a look…

He's either afraid of success or he doesn't listen properly…I have given him ample time, step by step directions on what to do, and months have gone by with almost complete in-action. He's got the energy, enthusiasm and the talents – but for some reason that is just not enough! I can assure if he got his butt to the castle, he would NOT leave without taking proper action and knowing if his idea works or not!

I don't want to see any of you fall into this slippery trap!

I’ll be in Scotland in May sharing my ups and downs on the road to super success… Dan will be there and other high performance individuals will be there.

Will you be there?


To Massive Success,