How the 50 billion dollar man’s endorsement of Donald Trump denied him a chance to help the children of Harlem

The recent article by stated that “Supporting Donald Trump cost a Billionaire the chance to speak to city students”. Dan Pena, more commonly known as the “50 billion dollar man” endorsed Donald Trump last March 18, 2016 in London Real wherein he describes that should Donald Trump win, he will “rock the planet.” The video can be viewed here.

Dnainfo also reported that : “He was slated to speak in OCS on May 2 but the school rescinded his offer” in which he claims that it was due to his support of Donald Trump. Dan Pena also wrote in his letter to the school’s director, Jessica Marcu on June 22 that Oxford University allowed him to give a speech despite his political stance in which he expressed disappointment over how someone in the school decided only ‘approved’ ideas and people may speak. The Oxford University video can be seen here

Due to this incident, a Harlem resident, Diane Rivera also penned a letter stating that when this happened, Her daughter told her : “mommy the kids at my school need this, well the neighborhood lottery children for sure. They already have a limited belief system”

There were mixed reactions about the incident but a majority have expressed disappointment over the incident in the comments section of Some of the comments can be seen below:

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