From Dan Peña – "The Money Messiah" and Mentor/Coach for The New Millennium

Dear Friend and Subscriber:

As most of you know, because of a server glitch, thousands of extra Issue #18 Newsletters were sent out. I apologize!! Notwithstanding this big screw up, I received some funny responses and heard some great success stories.

The following email has been cleaned up a bit for those of you who allow your children to read my sage advise. The interesting point about this testimonial is it is written by a woman in business which is dominated by men – and she operates in the heart of the South! She’s a remarkable person, as you can tell from her cryptic writing. I haven’t seen her in a few years, but have kept in touch through emails and calls. I miss her candor in a world filled with people talking crap!

What really struck me while reading her email in the middle of a great rain storm in LA, was my lack of distribution of my QLA products. As some of you who read my website know, many of my products have won national awards – the coveted Telly Award for Excellence. I thank J. C. Arner for producing/directing them!


MM’s Testimonial:

I had studied marketing techniques and my business was growing quite rapidly, but what I lacked was the clear understanding of what it takes to actually run a multi-million dollar business and that’s where Dan Pena came in. I went to one of his three day – blow your hair back – boot camp – wake…up seminars, and I was never the same. Dan was able to blow away the bullshit and let me see clearly what was required in order to really succeed and hang on to a fast growing company. His hard core approach, even though I wasn’t sure I could take the three days of shock, drilled a reality home that has been priceless. The bottom line is you. No one else to blame for anything, just YOU. His separation of the dufus mentality and the high performance individual made my life much easier to deal with. The reality is I am surrounded by dufus people and the challenge is to get them to work as efficiently as possible for a high performance person. I have utilized Dan’s techniques and style many times. I transformed myself into a hard core business person that continues to demand excellence. My decisions are now quick and my success has been staggering. In a time when businesses are going broke by the hundreds, mine is growing at a 200% increase over last year. Dan taught me you had better be a tough son-of-a-bitch if you want to play the game. Dan also taught me that there are going to be problems, yes, problems and when you get one solved you have bigger ones. Once I understood that, I know longer got upset with problems and just worked fast to handle them. No other teacher, seminar or tape series had the balls to tell me I had to be tough, I’m going to have problems, big ones, and THAT is what I MUST understand and be prepared to deal with if I am going to thrive in business. Thanks Dan for the backbone. If you are serious about making your business a success and learning what YOU have to change in YOURSELF to make your business soar, then Dan Pena’s the man for you. Get yourself a Dose Of Dan!


In a recent inventory count at Guthrie Castle, I was told many dozens of large crates of QLA product had been uncovered. Apparently, when I closed my LA office in 1998, it was shipped from the US to the UK. The bottom line is when the inventory is complete, I will offer all of it to newsletter subscribers first and to my website in general next.

Some of the gems I had forgotten about are: the week-long Castle Experience in text manual form and even a few audio tapes, my first book "Building Your Own Guthrie," audio tapes specially done for associates and partners on unique aspects of following QLA precepts such as building your dream team, various editions of the 3-Day and 1-Day QLA Seminar tapes, and a lot more.

Another thing that came to mind is the "33 Secrets" book can now be downloaded in total for Free from the website. Of course, we still offer the hard copy for those wanting it ($4.95 for Shipping and Handling).

The original tapes recorded live produced many, if not all, of the most successful devotees of QLA Methodology, e.g., the Verdiers, Whipple, Crump, Burke, McCain, LeGrand, Reecher, Alvarez, Hague, Slangen, Scott, Stephenson, Vargas, Schaeffer, Dhillon, Baade, Chapman, Badloe, Maynard, Connolly, and many others.

Don’t get me wrong, many mentioned on the tapes started off like rockets . . . and then crashed! The QLA precepts can show you how, but can’t keep you motivated or from engaging in self-sabotaging activities. Most people who hear or read any coaching material never even get started. In fact, most people who buy motivational/coaching product never even open it. The people mentioned above all got great starts, mostly due to QLA Methodology. Not many stayed the course. People like the Verdiers, and a few others, are the exception. Lack of self-esteem and greed tops the list of reasons why people fall off the QLA track. It’s like the adage about bringing a horse to water. You may be able to get him to drink some but not stay at the QLA trough. Building great habits is not easy. It requires belief system changes which come hard. Being a change agent is even more difficult now as our world continues to change. The precepts recorded over the last few years are extremely well-founded and still work well if practiced diligently.

To Your (Our) Quantum Leap,
Dan Peña

PS A 1-Day QLA Fundamentals Seminar with workbook and video/audio tapes recorded last year in London will be part of this product sale and is being added to our website Product Order page. I know it’s a marketing ploy to say there is a limited number, but there are only so many available! My British partner doesn’t make them anymore.

PPS For those of you who haven’t checked, there are now three (instead of one) Tests for Success on my website. The best scores will be eligible for free QLA prizes as well.

PPPS. Remember as promised, as part of the new QLA Millennium Internet Format, a ‘Free Consultation Program’ was initiated — 01/01/01. Once a quarter, the subscriber who introduces the most new subscribers to the newsletter, will receive one hour’s FREE consultation. THE NEW SUBSCRIBER MUST MENTION YOUR NAME AND SUBSCRIBE VIA MAIL@DANPENA.COM. This one hour consultation [worth $3,000.00], can be used in parts, or all at once over a given year. Alternatively, it can be used to reduce the cost of any QLA seminar. Monthly winners of the introduction program will receive my best-selling book "Your First 100 Million" FREE –a $200.00 value.

Yearly winners will receive a FREE three-day "Executive Castle Seminar" at Guthrie Castle — a $9,000.00 value. In addition, for every "Your First 100 Million" purchased via my website, a 10% discount on the "Executive Castle Seminar" will be given. All the above incentives are exclusively for the benefit of QLA Internet Newsletter subscribers ONLY. Specifics on the QLA Millennium Internet Newsletter program are posted on my website. The race began 01/01/01. Questions can be forwarded to: