A review the old and preview of the forthcoming leadership seminars  with individual leadership program

Many eventful things have happened in Dan’s life ever since the last newsletter and in this one he chalks out a whole list of leadership seminars that are in the pipeline. Overall this newsletter outlines the old and upcoming leadership seminars, website additions and the quantum leap advantage product offer.

Every Leadership program has been a great success and there are many testimonials featured in this newsletter to justify it. The Leadership seminar keeps getting even better and one of the attendees was Dan’s 21-year old son who has been taken on as a summer intern this year. In the upcoming Day Castle Experiences these leadership seminars will talk about the additional blocks on leadership and selling dreams. Sally Hall, the CEO of The Guthrie Group who will be part of the August leadership program will deliver part of the leadership speech.

Further, this newsletter clearly outlines the costs, subjects and availability for these leadership seminars. Also included is the Leadership program for each of these with schedules.

There is also a mention of the changes carried out in Dan’s website along with additions, site-map changes, new interactive bulletin board and audio interviews. To see and evaluate visit on the new updated website. Also included are how Dan involves himself in deals and looks at each deal individually, though all deals don’t need him as Chairman.


23rd July 2004

From Dan Peña – Executive Coach and Mentor to the High Performer.

Dear High Performance Person and Visionary,


A lot has happened since my last Newsletter; a former US President has died; Greece has won the European Football (Soccer) Cup; John Kerry picked a running mate for the US Presidential campaign; one of my favourite mentees fulfilled his long term goal we worked on for 7 years; I tore the carteledge in my right knee getting off one of my tractors; more website updates have been completed and yet another person extremely close to me has passed away!

As you know I have started giving seminars again at Guthrie Castle. The second seminar in June was a great success as a sample of the testimonials at the end of this newsletter show. We had a varied group who all contributed. The June seminar was even better because my youngest son, almost 21, was an attendee. He is my summer intern this year between his 3rd and 4th year at university.

The up-coming August 3 Day Castle Experience looks to be another outstanding group and will have additional blocks on leadership and selling your dream. For the August seminar, Sally Hall, the CEO of The Guthrie Group and long time mentee will join us. This seminar still has an open spot due to a recent drop out for personal reasons.


The main reason for the new Castle Seminars is simple; first and foremost change is constant and not all interested parties want all three topics and, or can take the time necessary to attend the full 3 Day event. It is also obvious that the 50% reduction in cost of the previous rates from 2001 has allowed additional individuals the opportunity to attend. And in truth some dose of Dan is better than none!

The new dates and subjects for the new One Day/One Night Seminars are:

Sept 17th and 24th :QLA / Leadership – NEW!
Sept 18th and 25th :Raising Capital – NEW!
Sept 19th and 26th :Acquisitions / Deal Making – NEW!

An outline of the seminars are listed on the my website ( – Product and Seminar Specials. All the seminars are new and have been updated. The scheduling has been set up sequentially so that they can be taken as a group producing the 3 day, 2 day or 1 day Castle Experience. The cost for all 3 One Days as a 3 Day is £3,000, plus VAT; 2 Day £2,000 plus VAT and 1 Day £1,000 plus VAT. For further details contact Paul Morris via:

At the April and June Seminars there were attendees that had participated in the former 3 Day and 7 Day formats. They all felt the shorter, condensed Powerpoint, “21st Century” Seminar was much better. Candidly it’s hard for me to tell, though 3 days is infinitely easier on me and my staff. The bottom line is we did take on suggestions and changed where appropriate.


In the spirit of moving farther in to the 21st Century my website has many changes and additions; site-map; new interactive bulletin board as of a few of days ago; audio interview of me by a marketing guru I like a lot; sound-bites lifted from all my product to come shortly; new descriptions and format of QLA products. Along with the new product descriptions I am offering a “90 DAY 100%” NO QUESTIONS ASKED, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the first time on my product and A SPECIAL OFFER ON ALL QLA PRODUCTS FOR THE ULTIMATE QLA EXPERIENCE! To see and evaluate for yourself go to on the new updated website.

Needless to say I am enjoying giving the Castle Experience again! I am pleasantly surprised by the robust feeling I have about coaching again. I guess after 8 years (1993 – 2001) I needed a break. Of course now I have a lot more time to spend doing things I really enjoy. Quoting the hired killer in Tom Hanks movie – Road to Prediction, “TO BE PAID FOR WHAT YOU LOVE – AIN’T THAT THE DREAM!”


I have seen some interesting deals come through the recent seminars. I look forward to seeing more. And to answer an ongoing question – yes I still get involved in deals, but look at each deal individually. All deals don’t need me as Chairman, but most deals would benefit from my input!

To Your Quantum Leap,


P.S. Some comments from the June Castle Experience:

I am ecstatic to have shared in the Castle Experience. Today is the first day of the rest of my life!
JB – South Carolina, USA

The Most powerful speaker I have ever heard in person. Dan told it how it is. This has not been a comfortable 3 days, but life will not be the same since meeting this incredible man. Guthrie Castle is superb. The grounds, facilities and service have all been excellent – a living, breathing Castle Experience!
MS, England

Three words on Day 3 are worth the price of the seminar. You leave with all the tools you need to succeed.

Thank you for enabling me to go on another 25 years.

The seminar is about intent, purpose and action. The knowledge is realistic and straight to the point.

I expected a foul-mouthed, raging lunatic that had enough valuable information from hands on experience that could get me and my company to jump 3 or 4 layers. You did not disappoint Dan.
DL, England

A lot of material compacted in to a short time frame with a lot of interaction.

A truly engrossing, rewarding and amazing experience. Anyone wishing to “hyperdrive” themselves to join the ranks of the high performing, high achieving and high earning elite MUST attend.
DA, England

P.P.S. Just a brief note about my uncle Larry who left this world recently at 93. He awoke from along sleep not recognising anyone. His wife of over 65 years kissed him as she always did each morning and said she loved him. He opened his eyes, giving her the recognition he hadn’t been able to in recent months. He said he loved her and closed his eyes forever! My uncle Larry, my 86 year old Dad’s oldest brother, had confidence in me being a success before virtually everyone except my mother. From 1957 – 1963 he interceded allowing me to stay in school. Fortunately for me Dr. Peña was on the Board of Directors for the LA City School District where I was forever challenging authority. Thanks uncle Larry!