Your First Hundred Million Foreword by Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld

Congratulations!  You have chosen an extraordinary book that describes a step-by-step framework and methodology for building a super successful business from scratch, while attaining the skill sets of a high performance person.  The precepts described in this book are straight forward, yet very powerful.  The author, Daniel S. Peña, has put into simple words how he achieved success at the highest level starting with nothing more than a dream and the passion to succeed.  I strongly recommend Your First Hundred Million for those who have a dream, little or no capital, and desire a road map to build a significant net worth and achieve the life of a high performance person.

It is written in a style that will ingratiate you to the author, because he tells it exactly like it is, with no varnish or hesitation.  At times you may even be shocked by how he describes what it takes to be a high performance person and achieve your dreams in today’s rough and tumble ever changing business environment.  He calls his precepts and methodology QLA, or Quantum Leap Advantage and it’s based on his almost 40-year personal worldwide track record of success.

Over many years Dan has become a very good friend.  I know Dan’s comments might often raise your eyebrow with his candor.  However you will truly enjoy hearing what it takes to succeed from someone who has really lived it.  And you can tell this isn’t theory, because he gives you real examples from his life and those that he has coached and mentored.  Dan has operated in the same real world you do every day and succeeded against all odds.  But more importantly, countless devotees have used QLA successfully and achieved their dreams and goals!

Read this book and I know it can be the first step towards the realization of your dreams and being a successful high performance person.