Like a Game

Like A GameLife has always been compared to a race or to a game. The winner takes it all and the loser ends up with practically nothing but tears and regrets of either doing his best but still failing or not doing his best resulting to his present failure.

We were all considered winners since we were born because of the fact that we had reached the “goal” of being the one to be fertilized over all the other sperm cells in our mother’s womb. When we came out, the race began. It has always been a challenging life even from the start, from the time when we were kids; we always wanted to be the first one to get the bigger lollipop or the strawberry-flavored one. We always wanted to be the one who gets all the attention and the one who will get the best compliment from teachers and our parents. We always aim for the star ever since and when we grew up; we aimed for better grades, for the most beautiful girl to be our girlfriend or to get the attention of the most handsome guy to be our man. This kind of game changed when we started working. We have different goals and the race became faster. We planned for higher things and there came a time when we were even willing to do the unimaginable just to get to the top.

Dan Pena’s career and seminar workshop has helped people be ready for the game of life particularly in business. He has been providing inspirational seminars for businessmen and entrepreneurs who are either new to the different business tactics that need to be done to push forward their plans or to those who are not that new to the business but want to broaden their knowledge and want to learn new approach in the different business issues. His Web site provides you with the different information that you will need regarding his inspiring seminars and workshops done in his Guthrie Castle in Scotland. He gives the rare opportunity for the attendees to be able to familiarize themselves with his legendary Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology that will help them succeed and win the game! Dan shares his insights and techniques that will inspire the attendees into doing their best and winning grand in the game!