May 2011: Are You Still Kidding Yourself or is it Time To Man Up? The Ultimate Testimonial From a Man Who Almost Waited Too Long!


Dear High Performance Visionary:

I would like to inform you about this year’s QLA Castle Seminar (I'll keep you posted with the schedule).

If you think you’re not convinced enough yet, I urge you to take the time to read this testimonial by R from Germany, who attended the April 2010 Castle Seminar. I have written about Robert a couple times in recent newsletters. To refresh your memory, Robert waited almost 13 years to come to the castle seminar after buying QLA products and my first book. Of course he had the normal reasons: time; money; family; and fear of the unknown!

Please take the time to read his recent testimonial, dated 2 April 2011 and even the most skeptical of you will say the QLA castle seminar makes a lot of sense!

He has left how much money he made or stands to make in the last 12 months and I don’t blame him. But he does say it is more than he has made in his entire life prior to the last 12 months! What can you say about your last 12 months? Enjoy the read of a high performance guy!


Dear Dan,

Nearly one year has gone, since we met for a whole week in your marvelous and ancient, fully renovated to deluxe class Guthrie Castle in Scotland.

What has happened since then to me?

My family already was very fine until then, but afterwards developed even much better – simply great and nearly unbelievable – thank you very much, Dan.

Until then I had negotiated and realized deals all together of a volume of a few million Euros.

During the last 11 months I could multiply that in a really fantastic way.

I listened to or negotiated about deals over about 1,5 billion Euros, was invited to deals on several continents and already realized a highly satisfactory multiple in project/deal volume of what I have realized during my whole life before.

I now own a multiple in shares/holdings/investments, than I did a year before – so, I earned more last year, than I did my whole life before – and I own more than 50 percent in each deal (in only one deal together with a partner).

Filling my emotional bank account with your support over the last year enabled me to feel something like I could convince the UN or any parliament in the world about anything talking before them literally barefoot:

Even today – on Saturday – I started to work at 5 a. m.

Yesterday I got a contract from the church for a fine project …….

…..I also tried to apply the behavioral patterns you preach, Dan, in a better way, than I did before in other deals:

A few weeks ago I met the director of a bank, who wanted to offer me a few projects. New financing by his bank without personal liability included. He had tried to get into a meeting with me for months. After two and a half hours he had offered me several projects, I immediately told him my opinion about each of them and he seemed quite impressed. After three hours I left and we shook hands again – his hands were cold and wet, my hands dry and warm. I laughed about that quite a lot (after I had left his office).

Yesterday 2:12 p. m. shortly before I was back in the office after fetching the contract and the building permission, he wrote to me that the bank has accepted my offer – letter by letter – for the first of the projects.

I had made this offer yesterday at about high noon before I left to go to the church government and to the mayor – it was the first offer I ever made to this bank – one page in size – one price and about a handful of fine, convenient terms and conditions for us.

As I now simply write down and remember the things that happened only yesterday, I think, you or anyone else would merely believe this – what seems to me even more than reasonable -, but I want to add that to be able to accomplish this in just one day within about two hours is just by accident, of course – but to accomplish all of this AT THE END is just a few hundred hours of applying your QLA strategies and maybe even more your QLA ATTITUDE.

If the mayor writes to you in December 2010 after many months of fighting for it, that you should take back your planning application, because there would be no way for a permission forever for sure, the simple question is: "What will it take, to turn all the nay-sayers into friendly supporters?" I simply never gave up. And by the way: I never gave and never took anything for such support.

But my simple QLA ATTITUDE was: " Whatever it takes – as far as it is legal and honest -, I will do it!".

So I decided to do 1., 2., 3., 4., 5….:

So, I want to thank you again, Dan, for what you gave to me:

1. At the beginning a few years ago in your books and your tapes – I could apply several things immediately by getting all the financings I wanted etc.

2. But last year in April you and the QLA Castle Experience were still another level of graduation. Before that experience I already was convinced by your materials and my own experience, that I could do all of this.

After this experience I do not need this conviction any more, because now I really and deeply know it. And there are no more doubts, now, because if you know something, you do not have to ask a lot of questions about that, you simply are able to use it and to act, as if you had no limits.

Doubts about a deal are useful, but we never share them. We are laser beam focused

We act as if we landed in Britain and we burnt our ships – loosing is no alternative – we act, as if we had no limits. So we do whatever it takes, as far as it is legal and honest…

I did so many things this year, they all told me about "You cannot do that!" – but I did. You are absolutely right, Dan.

I still have not created a dream or a dream team what your suggestion is – so, doing this one day or another could result in entering even higher levels – but I am doing very well now, as you can imagine by simply reading about one great day.

What my conclusion is like your own, besides my deepest thanks:

Super success is not for everyone, maybe especially the touchy-felly ones (but even they can fill their emotional bank accounts with tons of self-esteem, self-consciousness and grow largely in confidence),

But I think super success and QLA is for all of those who are able and willing to do whatever it takes.

Because then they are able to do whatever they dream about, at least they simply are not anymore able to excuse and say, that they did not know how to do it.

So, I think, the best thing for anyone who has the chance and luck to be confronted in any way with themes of Dan Pena and QLA is meeting him in person.

I hope, I will meet you again at one of the next Castle Experiences –

I'll be back.

Thanks a million!



Dear Dan, as I thank you so much, you may feel free to use anything of what I wrote to you for your own purpose if appropriate (here and today, I tried to give you again a better testimonial – than you have on video from me from last April when I still had to change my conviction into knowledge), if you remove my name, please – because there are so many details, that some of the guys mentioned above might kick themselves for, if this is shared. And again my offer: If I can do anything for you, please let me know.


If this testimonial isn’t enough motivation to take action, you should take yourself out of the potential high performance arena!

Stop reading self-help books!

Stop surfing wannabe Web sites!

Stop beating yourself up for not being more successful!

Stop bullshitting yourself that you want a different life for you and your family!

Stop and finally admit you’re not willing to take direct action and make the required sacrifices! And yes my friend it will take sacrifice—irrespective of what the silk suited pretend self-help gurus tell you!

Stop making the countless excuses you have been using for years!

But ask yourself: Is this the year for you to suck up your panty hose and get started on the rest of your life?

Is this the year to MAN UP?

Hopefully to your Quantum Leap—this year


P.S.  See additional benefits below when you decide YES!


First, let me congratulate you on the best decision of your life.

Your decision to attend the QLA Castle Seminar at my personal estate in September demonstrates that personal growth is a high priority for you, and it’s a quantum step in the right direction.

There has never been a better time to take advantage of my 40+ years of business.

I will be showing you firsthand what the Pros are doing, and more importantly not doing,  to survive and prosper in the current economic climate.

I wanted to take a moment now and share with you something you are not aware of it.

Because you have  made a commitment to change your life, I want to see you thru to that end.  So in addition to the close personal attention you will be receiving from me in September, I wanted to tell you what else you will be receiving from, which was not advertised.

For a one full year following the QLA Castle Seminar, you will have direct access to me by e-mail. That means you can e-mail me anytime with your questions or problems—and I will give you an honest answer.  You will get my personal e-mail address and have direct access to me. If you need to talk personally, I will take your call, but you need to schedule a time with my assistant, as I’m usually traveling or in meetings. 

You may be surprised to know that I still communicate with attendees who came to my 1st seminar in 1993.

As if that wasn’t enough, you will also receive the following:

1)       You will have access to other QLA devotees in your area for as long as you wish.

2)      You will be able to put deals in front of me for my opinion.

3)      You will have access to the monthly update conference calls.

4)     You will be able to ask me to be involved in your deal. I only pick a few deals each year, but you always can ask!

And finally, if I’m in your neighborhood, we can meet up for a drink. Even though I’m now based in Asia, I travel the world and I’m in the UK and U.S.A. each quarter.

As you may already know, I charge 3,000 Euro/hour for my time, and the world’s top CEOs pay this without batting an eye!   

See you!