15 Keys to Make Your Quantum Leap in 2017 and New QLA Info!

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Watch the movie – The Devil Wears Prada! Why? Because the protagonist in the movie is an extremely high performance person! And she is ostensibly tough on her staff and all others she deals with, including her husband! LOL! Strange, but I didn’t see any of her actions to be that odd! LOL! The point is if you have never been around anyone like that you have never been exposed to a TRUE HIGH PERFORMANCE person before – one who makes ALL around them responsible and accountable! Hence, I can’t in good conscience make excuses for my You Tube exposures, when I know for an absolute fact, those are the fact patterns of most high performance people!

Oh well, at least I am using my QLA site content as it was intended! FREE! Again, I have said countless times high performance people are never satisfied with what they do, or how they do it! Hence, I am ALWAYS endeavouring to improve! How about you? Let’s make a bond – TO ATTACK 2017 LIKE WE NEVER DID BEFORE! Add it to your goals, affirmations and visualizations! Let’s use the young guy above as a role model for the new year! Or if you don’t want to take that bet – merely UNSUBSCRIBE – and don’t ever hold yourself accountable by any high standards again! I can guarantee it will make your life a lot more simple! Of course then you will have to pay the price of regret later! I suggest you pay the price now and just do it, by getting up off your ass and taking positive acton! If your still with me – please read on!

2017 Quantum Leap

In the New Year it is a great time to review what works and what doesn’t. As I have said countless times, “Don’t waste time on things you can’t change” and “Insanity is doing things over and over and expecting different results.”

In that vain I have re-listed the 15 Keys for Super Success below. Reviewing these main points will help to re-focus your thoughts and more importantly your actions.

Preparing for Your Quantum Leap
(15 Keys to Super Success)

KEY 1: Super Success is not for everyone!
KEY 2: You cannot become a high-performance person part-time!
KEY 3: You cannot have it all – there is a “Pay Price in Action for Reward”
KEY 4: You must change – do it badly NOW if you have to because perfection = paralysis!
KEY 5: Do not listen to Morons! Conventional wisdom is almost always wrong!
KEY 6: You are who you associate with – model success!
KEY 7: Use Modelling to become Successful:


1. Trial and Error (takes too long)
2. Over time (Takes too long)
3. Modelling / Copying is only real choice.

KEY 8: Get a Mentor


1. Significantly More wealthy than you.
2. Significantly More experienced than you.
3. Older than you.
4. Other common interests besides just business.
5. Geographically desirable – or make yourself available.

KEY 9: You must overcome F.E.A.R. – particularly Fear of Failure and also anxiety – fear’s little brother.


1. Talk to your Mentor.
2. Know that: “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.
3. Deliberately place yourself in risky or uncomfortable situations.
Replace FEAR with PASSION

KEY 10: Practice being Super Successful even when you are not – get out of your comfort zone.
KEY 11: Perception is Reality – think and dress for success.
KEY 12: Play to win, do not play “not to lose” – you cannot leap a chasm in 2 bounds!
KEY 13: You must have a dream – think big (Big dreams, big problems, big rewards)


1. Yesterday’s Dreams are Today’s Realities.
2. See yours Dreams ahead of time – now!
3. Simulation – practice within when you’re without.
4. Act as if you have no limits to your abilities.
5. Do everything with Enthusiasm – (Greek “God within”).

KEY 14: You must have PASSION
– Most people do not achieve the success they desire and deserve because they are labouring in a field of endeavour about which they are not passionate.
– FIRST find something you are passionate about, SECOND, start or buy a business based around that.

KEY 15: You must be laser-beam focused on success and take MASSIVE POSITIVE ACTION!

– Another word for “focus” is DISCIPLINE!
– Motivation gets you started, discipline keeps you going.

Review these often, along with your goals.

If today was a test – how would you grade yourself, zero to one hundred? Ask yourself this question when you go to bed each and every day. Keep a monthly score. What is your monthly average – including weekends? I would like forthright feedback in 30 days’ time. I will relate the #s back (with no names) and my thoughts.