Moving Currency

Moving CurrencyBecause of the changing status of the global economy, a lot of countries have been suffering the onset of recession as what has happened to the United States for many years. South Korea and Malaysia are said to have gotten involved as China’s Yuan set to its highest record and the United States and France’s respective currencies become very flexible with their exchange rates. The governments of each nation are all agreeable when they said that each currency should even the trade imbalances as it threatens the stability of the global economy.

The trading business, which is a major source of income for most Asian countries have been suffering and have been affecting the economic growth of certain regions as it influences the rise of the local currencies. The United States government has come up with a theory that given the Chinese Yuan has been depreciating, it helps the country’s trading business mounting high, making the United States’ trading business to be in constant discrepancy and considered this situation as an addition to the great imbalance in the present world economy. Due to this rising problem that is also affecting the flow of economic stability in other countries, a meeting was held with the finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 industries of these developing nations and discussed about the different strategies they could do to help stabilize the country’s economy.

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