Issue #96 : New QLA Case Study Workshop Seminar

This is a VERY special announcement! This week is my 20th anniversary as a QLA coach! In late May 1993 I gave my first QLA Seminar at the Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles. In those days the seminar was one day 15 – 18 hours depending on Q + A. I had about 100 attendees on that day. And I am proud to say most of them are still alive and fighting the QLA battle toward continued success and fulfilling their dreams! Needless to say their dreams grew that day and continue to grow exponentially as they achieve their goals! TIME FOR A CHANGE! For the first time in my 20 year coaching career, I will have a B-School type QLA Workshop Case Study Seminar at Guthrie Castle for a very limited number of participants – only 4! If you are interested read on! If not, pass this on to someone that could benefit! Who could benefit? Anyone with a business in operation, or an idea ready to launch that wants to get to the next level and is willing to make an investment in themselves to fulfil their dreams! This seminar case study workshop gives the answers you didn’t know the questions to ask! Or as one of my great mentees, who was Managing Director of the Year in the UK said: you don’t know what you don’t know! Or put another way – virtually all business entrepreneurs have questions they don’t know the answers to – because they don’t have the experience to form the proper basis for intelligent outside the box discourse! So they merely continue to stumble along whilst being ostensibly successful – but making mistakes they shouldn’t if their information and knowledge base was greater! This QLA workshop case study is for them that greater information base! I have decided to finally fill this request, after many years of being asked – what about the things we don’t know about, so we can’t even ask questions? To fill this need, I will give a special individually moulded (or bespoke) QLA Workshop Case Study Seminar for a very much more hands on exclusive one-on-one QLA intense work session experience. All attendees have said the absolute importance of the personal time I spend with each person. Hence, each of the 4 days will be devoted to 1 of the 4 attendee participants, with the other 3 members of his/her group adding feedback and encouragement, when I am drilling down on their individual needs, etc. In addition to non-disclosure agreements (NDA) being signed by all participants, detailed information will be given by all participants to make a basis to evaluate each company/idea in detail. Part of this 4 day and 5 night experience, will be an on-going case study approach (used in the best Business Schools), for each business/idea vies a vies QLA! But this is where the B-School comparison ends, because I will tell the attendees, based on my 40 + years’ experience – how it affects them and how to take absolute and direct action in their own business/idea – leaving the opposition for dead (metaphorically) in their wake! Hence, this is not for the feint at heart! LOL!! The result will be detailed training and guidance, similar to what I did with our recent honoured guest speaker at the QLA Castle Seminar in April, Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld, Former CEO of NEOM, Former President/CEO of Siemens; Former Chairman/CEO of Alcoa; Former Chairman/CEO of Arconic. This same guidance helped him achieve the CEO position of Siemens AG, the 25th largest company in the world in 2005! It will be a much smaller group and will have as many personal one-on-one hours, as necessary! Ergo, due to the detailed approach and time spent individually, it’s recommended the attendees have already been through the QLA experience! Of course as usual we will have a gala black tie kilt graduation with video and photos! If you have interest reference this summer date, cost and other special requirements contact Thelma at as soon as humanly possible (asahp), because I expect this new intense case study group to fill up quickly. In fact, I have already been contacted reference this new QLA case study experience by several QLA alumni! Due to the very limited number a first come first served policy will be strictly adhered to! RETIREMENT NOT YET! Instead of stopping my infamous and now legendary QLA Castle Seminars, as I wrote and planned, I have decided to enhance the QLA Seminar portfolio! I will do this by – completely changing and adding an event that doesn’t exist anywhere in the seminar, executive or success business coaching world! Not anywhere any place on the planet! And if this was not enough – it is in the spectacular surroundings of the 15th century storybook fairy tale Guthrie Castle! This is not a BS boot camp being taught by some guy who turned to coaching because he couldn’t make enough in the real rough in tumble world I did! Hell, those that know me and have heard me speak know I am like an alien drill sergeant and take no prisoners. You can see and hear this from a short (30 sec) blurb of April’s seminar, when I was instructing and giving an attitude adjustment to one of the most successful QLA devotees in the last few years who has attended 3 QLA Castle Seminars in the last 3 years – and made millions! I have worked with him on and off since 2009!


But as tough as I can be from time to time the learning experience is once in a life time, as evidenced by one of my most famous mentees Fidel Vargas, who went on to build a Billion Dollar private equity fund! “I learned more from Dan here at the Castle Seminar than I learned in 4 years at Harvard!” (40 sec)


Even with all the success the Seminar has had since 1993 I decided to give the Castle attendees, yet another outside the box never encountered before experience! Hell I tried to retire 3 times before and in the end – just could not do it! And at the April Castle Seminar by the graduation dinner, which was terrific with my most illustrious and famous corporate success, Dr Klaus Kleinfeld as guest speaker, I knew I had to continue! But I knew I had to add something to the QLA experience for those that were ready to step up to the next level and take business and life on in even a bigger way! But it must be emphasized that this workshop is for the more experienced QLA devotee that has the fundamentals well underway! But if you think you qualify to attend this new type venue without the QLA seminar experience, contact Thelma and make your case why you should be the exception! I look forward to seeing all that qualify this summer! To Your Quantum Leap! Dan P.S. In addition to the ambiance of a 15th century storybook Castle and unparalleled food and service, the 4-day QLA Case Study Workshop Seminar attendees will leave with: 1) an overall game plan, including a SWOT analysis 2) a P + L analysis 3 )a market analysis 4) a goal analysis 5) an affirmation analysis 6) an operation analysis 7) a personal and key personnel analysis 8) a QLA detailed plan of action going forward 9) plus having ALL questions answered in group and one-on-one P.P.S. Of course this new event will not replace the next extraordinary week long QLA Castle Seminar 20 – 26 Sept 2013! This new 4-day QLA Case Study Castle Seminar is adjunct and complimentary to the weeklong extravaganza! It is meant for the most serious QLA devotee that has mastered the fundamentals and shown significant success! Hell, some of you have attended up to 9 QLA Castle Seminars and many of you have attended 2 or 3 times! Ergo, I knew it was past time for an intense post graduate QLA Case Study Seminar Workshop!

Some of you have asked me to tell more of my 22 year old SUPER star!  I have written about this very young LADY before! She is a terrific example of what can be accomplished with very little! Read her recent email to me – and if you don’t feel ashamed and lacking you are probably doing something correct! But if you do feel lacking – well you know what I will say! Of course you may be of the LARGE group of readers that merely feel sorry for yourself! WTF! And speaking of people that may fall into that category and just haven’t made it YET – read the next email from a devotee that is still fighting the fight and hasn’t given up! Read what Lance has to say!

Hi Dan,
Got you message on Facebook, resending business acquisition details!
Thanks for adding me to your newsletter awhile back, Mikey said I couldn’t write you until I bought another business I could tell you about, otherwise I would just be wasting you time.
I have been eagerly waiting to update you.
Trying to buy my second Pilates studio last year was a bust. Man plans, God laughs
Mikey threatened to break up with me if I wasn’t going to grow my business exponentially. I told him I’d like to see you try, I’m a lot taller and stronger then he is! But I figured I’d better get growing sooner rather then later. So I’ve been working on acquiring another studio in Palos Verdes/Rolling Hills Estates down the street from when you lived in Rolling Hills. The original asking price of the studio was 255,000 after the first meeting with the owners I knew I would be able to get the business for less.
I then made three offers for them to choose which offer they liked.
1. 150k with 10k down and the balance as a seller note.
2. 120k with 20k down and the balance as a seller note.
3. 75k cash pending my loan went through.
I made offers hoping they would take the 75K cash but happy with any choice. The concern with the studio was that the business location potentially had to be moved, this is something I foresaw and made my offers according to this possibility. After finding out that moving the studio was a must and not just an option the owners came back and gave me an even lower offer then I had given them by 25k!! They called me and offered a more “creative financing solution” actual words he said. Funny because during our first meeting Mikey came with me and used those same words when talking about financing. Mikey had implemented this from the beginning the idea of creative offers knowing I have very low funds to finance it.
1. $50k cash to buy the studio
2. 25k down with a note of 30 equaling $55k total
Well unfortunately my loan never went through but luckily with a creative offer of 25k down and 30k note I was able to buy my second business last week. I have a beautiful new location to move the studio into in a prime part of Palos Verdes/Rolling Hills Estates area. I am putting the right team in place and preparing for my next acquisition.
Love all the castle videos!
PS Hit my goal, 2 businesses prime locations while I’m still 22 years old. Also congrats on making the final cut in Mikey’s Mikeyboy the movie! 😉
Jennifer “THE PILATES ROOM” Dear Mr. Pena,  I’ve bought many of your products since the Legrand super conference in 1996 …ive not had a quantum leap but all your gracious teachings have at least helped me understand the world / money / business / and life better… being ex military … served 82-87 … uss enterprise cvn-65 alameda ca… i just cant say how refreshing it was to see you light up that idiot in your seminar about “bad language” and of course you dont need my support… lol …(to date its my favorite clip…maybe )  ….ive had people say things to me about  my “bad language”  … how you acted is how ive felt …im just not as good at letting them know it… as you are….yet.. lol. The first time i heard you speak i felt the same connection … you started with the IQ analogy and gave me a paradigm shift for the ages… all my highschool years of conditioning just melted away… it was incredible…unbelievable.. what a moment…. it just doesnt happen that often in a persons life ….i havent had that same feeling since.  (but im working on it through your teachings and suggestions) The next day i bought the $1000 blue case video set … (credit card at home… luckily there where a lot of dufases there  so nobody snapped them up…it was the display model)……i havent understood QLA like a Shawn casey ….but you have helped me in my life …maybe im like a neanderthal who finds a car… he knows its good just doesnt know how to work it …:)    ….someday.   Anyway……. your recommendation of Mark Mccormack was awesome (i had no clue who he was and wouldnt to this day …if it wasnt for you) ….I thank you for that Mr. Pena…. I do “get” a few things. Well i hope you get this email…. As always Warmest regards and Greatest respect,  Lance