Newsletter Issue #101 : Do you spend more time planning your holidays than you do your future?


Well as the year comes to a close, I am reminded of the new deals I have entered into in 2013 and the ones I turned down! This year I took on two new projects: an alternative energy deal; and a property deal! Of course a couple deals fell by the way side as normal!

You might ask why with an experienced deal doer like me – could deals fall to the wayside? Hell, that is a very good question, but it really isn’t that difficult to figure out! It is all about commitment, or the lack there of – just like life – those that can man up prevail! And those that don’t, fail and blame it on some Superfluous Crap! Or in some cases they even blame me! LOL! Because with only 2 main players in a deal it is easy to blame even the guy who has the most experience by a factor of 1000, rather than blame yourself! But in all cases the deals that didn’t move forward happened due to lack of commitment, by the erstwhile partners!

Let me give you two examples about commitment: 1) a webinar I did a while back ended with a 180 second closing on commitment and many of the participants fell off the screen the more intense I got! It made most on the call very uncomfortable, or way out of their comfort zones. And believe me I can get a lot more aggressive than I did on the webinar! 2) at the recent Castle seminar in September, I did a few minutes for the benefit of the You Tube audience on commitment. After all – it is one of my favourite subjects because I know how important it is to being a high performance person.

The You Tube story tells the true life episode of me showing up to a meeting at the Frankfurt, Germany airport in 1999 to meet a mentee, Klaus Kleinfeld, then a Senior Executive at a Global 20 company and former CEO of NEOM. Of course about six years later he became CEO of Siemens the same Global 20 company, as planned! And if you and your team don’t have a similar degree of commitment as me completing that meeting seriously hurt, and Klaus Kleinfeld exhibited sticking to the plan, you will probably fail! Because even at Global 20 companies the road to success is always under construction! Here is the You Tube clip again…



The year is ending in about 60 days and many of you will not be ready to move forward to accomplish more than you did this year! Many of you have already planned your next year holidays and not how you are going to fulfill your dreams – assuming you have any! Of course you can ask yourself why it is easier to focus on a holiday than your future? But let’s just focus here on the why you allow year after year to go by with little or no change? The TRUTH is almost every year of your life has been the same due to: 1) all the trials and tribulations we all experience in life and allow them to direct our actions, hence we become reactionary; 2) no bodacious goals; 3)choosing to stay in your (little) comfort zone (CZ); 4) paralysis by analysis; and 5) which is the biggest of them all – lack of strength of commitment to do the necessary! Or as I say in the video – TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES – as long as it is legal, moral and ethical! Of course I exhibited this “do whatever it takes” philosophy arriving at the airport above in a wheel chair having almost perished a few days before!

I could write a book describing what differentiates the high performance person from all the rest! Hell, I could write volumes! In fact many extremely successful people have talked about being committed through thick and thin on their way to their own destiny! But at the end of the day, it is the person that takes the positive position and takes action no matter what! That is commitment! Or as I say in the Castle seminar – according to the convicted murderer: it all fell into place, once I committed myself! LOL!


Year-end goals are terrific! Affirmations with goals are even better! And goals, affirmations along with visualization is even more effective! But without absolute commitment your wasting your time! Your merely pissing in the wind! And time is our most important commodity because we can’t replicate it! Once lost it is lost forever! Ask yourself how much of your life have you wasted so far? 10% and you would be very lucky! 50% and you would still be fortunate! Or most of it – like many of the people you know! And more importantly how much time do you have left?

Most that read my newsletters are not really committed to being a high performance person, unless it happens to fit into their comfort zones. They would rather read their motivational books and perhaps go to a happy sloppy personal development seminar. And at this happy event they are told, it is easy to become successful (whatever that may mean to them) and they can do it part time! WTF! In my 40+ years of being a high performance person I have “never” met a part time high performance person! Never ever! Is there any chance you could be the very first? What do you think? WTF!

If you believe it is easy to become a high performance person, please unsubscribe to this newsletter! Do yourself a favour! In fact do me a favour, because I actually attempt to answer all my emails, tweets, Facebook messages (except for the prostitutes that want to friend me! LOL!) and you would be saving me a lot of time! I mean what I say! Please leave QLA and Dan Pena – so I can continue to assist people that are absolutely dedicated and committed to fulfill their dreams!


But if you are serious about taking on 2014 and ripping the ass out of it – listen again to what commitment means to a high performance person on the link above. And seriously consider how to beg or borrow to make it to my next QLA Castle Seminar in January! I can’t think of a better way to begin 2014! This is not a threat – LOL – but you never know how much longer I will be giving them! But the truth is I actually love doing the Castle Experiences! And as I tell the castle attendees now – back in the 90’s, I gave the QLA seminars FOR FREE! WTF! Because at that time I thought I could make a real change in a person’s life, if it was FREE! I soon found out unless you “pay the price to action” the experience is not worth much!

Of course if I had a few other Robert’s from Bavaria, who has attended 3 Castle Experiences in the last 12 months – I would not need 2 worry about filling up the seats and being relatively nice to all of you, till I sucked you into the vortex! LOL! But it is not filling up the seats that is a challenge – it is being nice to all the perspective attendees that is my challenge! LOL! And guess what – Robert was the first to sign up for the Jan 2014 seminar – making 4 seminars in 16 months! WTF! No wonder he is the most successful Castle seminar attendee since he attended his first in 2010! And he is another Germanic star! Hell, I have many from that part of the world, including Klaus Kleinfeld, who is a super star by any ones criteria! It must be the water they drink! LOL! Of course their focus and commitment are legendary!


Oh! Almost forgot this is the last QLA Castle Seminar at 1999 prices! As I have said I have not changed the cost of the Castle experience since 1999, or the 20th century! WTF! I can’t believe I have not changed the price in almost 15 years! Michael the Dutch movie star who attended in Sept reminded me it was the same price he paid in 1999! WTF! Hence, you can all thank him for the cost increase coming next year! LOL!

Here is a 60 second clip by Robert from Bavaria, who has signed up for four Castle seminars in 16 months! Ya he still pays! LOL! He continues to come to the Castle experience because, in the first 12 months from his first seminar in 2010 he made more money than he did in his entire 39 years of his life before! He is now 44! That is quiet a statement – but very true! Why would a guy pay to attend something now four times in 16 months (five times in total since 2010), If it didn’t work massively? If you don’t get it – again please do us both a favour and unsubscribe to this newsletter! You might think this is a marketing ploy, but it is not! I only want to deal with serious people going forward in 2014 and beyond! My time is much too precious to be wasted on people who merely want to talk about being a high performance person and can’t or won’t take action! In fact, I have pulled all my QLA product off my site! If you want to buy anything from QLA you must contact my office and qualify (as you do for the castle seminar) at – .



The Castle Seminar would be a terrific way to start the New Year! Perhaps you have not given much time thinking about 2014! I am saddened for you, if you have not and again you’re reading the wrong newsletter! Hence, I hope I jogged your thought process! Because, if you are like most people, you again spent more time planning your holidays than you did your future! Again WTF! And you wonder why you are not more successful! Think about it! But more importantly do something about it NOW! Take your future by the neck and do something positive for you and your family!

If this QLA Newsletter sounds more aggressive you are correct! Based on my trip around the world the last 6 weeks it became painfully obvious MOST people live in a dream world of naiveté and live quiet lives of desperations – but take little or no action to make any change! And though I want to assist as many people as I can – I am NOW enforcing 1 of my main mantras – DON’T WASTE TIME ON THINGS YOU CAN’T CHANGE!

It was frustrating to meet a few people on my 6 week trip that followed me on social media, especially FB! Not because they were not nice people! But because they had little clue what the real world that I live and fight in every day, was all about! And I saw firsthand, this conundrum is exacerbated by social media where most spend hours a day, basically doing nothing but exchanging BS! In that regard I am attaching 2 studies validating how FB either creates, adds to, and or develops depression, jealousy and envy! WTF! How many hours daily do you spend on social media INSTEAD OF PLANNING FOR YOUR FUTURE? An exception to this is LinkedIn which I find has the most to offer to business professionals!

Facebook Articles in relation to Depression

I sincerely hope you obtain all the success you earn through your endeavours and stalwart commitment!

To Your Quantum Leap!

P.S. Here is an email from a Castle yearlong mentee that I gave instructions on getting an appointment with a potential big investor in Canada. His plan was to offer to work for the guy for a year with no pay, to learn his investment model! I have used this model and know other high performance persons to use it as well! This guy drove from Toronto, Canada to Merryville, Ohio to take me to dinner a few weeks ago! He is a young 26 year old man who actually shows his commitment by doing what I suggest during our mentor – mentee relationship! Hard to believe you can still find such commitment!


Mr. Pena,

I just had the meeting with the investor for a possible job. He told me he’s only a tech investor, small cap venture capital and large cap trading.

I told him if he knows anyone in private equity or hedge fund that he can refer me to for a job – mentioned that I don’t need a pay check – I want to learn.

He said if I want to do that, I’d have to go to the states. Canadians don’t even invest in private equity or hedge funds here – they invest with the guys in the states.

Anyways, he said if he knows anyone he will surely refer me to them.

Lesson learned: Persistence

It took me hurdles to get a meeting with him:
– 2 reports
– Approached his assistant at least 10 times over the past week

I learned some valuable things from him though – we had a chat for 30 minutes.

For example, he doesn’t believe in the tech incubator model – he says real entrepreneurs don’t need that, they will go out and do whatever it takes to get it done.

He said a lot of things you usually say:
– Do something different
– Don’t follow the herd
– Go and make it happen



P.P.S. As I have told you till I am blue in the face – almost any government is a place to do business with for big profits! And many of my very successful mentees have followed by lead – because that is how I got started in 1982! Well the almost $700 million wasted on the Obama care website, that doesn’t work, is the most recent example of government not knowing what the fuck they are doing! But the good news, is many IT companies, programmers, ecommerce guys, consultants and developers got rich off the tragic mistakes made spending tax payers money! WTF! Again if you want money spent with little accountability go to the closest government agency you can find! LOL! And it will be totally legal!