Newsletter#115: Castle Seminar Winners of 2014 and the New Year!

Posted on January 3, 2015




And with the New Year I wish you good will and QLA hunting! I am announcing the winners of the “Win A Free QLA Castle Seminar” for 2015!  I increased the number of 2nd place winners from 4 to 8, because there so many great questions! The 8 winners who won 2nd place are:

Matthew Vint (UK)

Michael Tipper (UK)

Sean McCrumlish (UK)

Satayu Basu (India)

Shatik Patel (UK)

Andy Ritter (US)

Mike Paritee (US)

Horacio Lupi Biondini (Spain)

The 2nd place winners will be able to have lunch with me and spend a couple of hours asking me whatever they wish. All that these winners have to do is contact my assistant Kim at to make your appointment. I travel all over the world, so it should be pretty easy! These winners have all of 2015 to take advantage of their winnings!

And the 1st place winner is Alex Milanov from Bulgaria.

For the 1st place winner, you’re invited to the next seminar in 2015 after the January event, which is full! All you have to do is get to the castle in Scotland and the rest is on me!

This won’t be the end of it all – the “Ask the 50 Billion Dollar Man” Podcast Contest will continue in 2015! And this time, you will have to wait till June for the results, because we will be announcing the contest winners every 6 months! If you’re serious about changing your life and want to attend the seminar, here is your chance! Enter your question and you too can be a winner! WTF do you have to lose?



The January seminar is fully booked with a waiting list for the next castle event! As always, it will be a fucking barn burner! Hence, the next castle seminar for April 1 – 8, 2015 has just been opened for reservations and there are already people who have paid in full! And due to the increased castle experience interest, I have built out and expanded the seminar room in our state-of-the-art pavilion, including new technology to enhance the experience! For more information contact  Thelma at I look forward to seeing many of you at the next event!


P.S. I am happy to announce after many requests, I am initiating QLA 1-on-1 consulting, beginning in 2015! As I have said countless times, we have 100% success with the QLA week-long castle experience! But I have also said, as has Brian Rose told you himself, it is not for everyone! Why? For a variety of reasons: can’t take the truth, etc;  but mainly because of time; and also because a few of you are too far down the success continuum to go through the training with the more unsophisticated individuals! Which, of course, maybe true depending on the individual, etc! But for this exclusive private time with me, there will be a high “pay price to action” vies a vies investing in yourself! For more information contact Thelma at