Obama Blasts Trump Over Proposed Broken System That He KNEW Yet Did Nothing!

Supreme Court
Image from ganett-cdn.com

Supreme Court’s ruling: The court’s 4-4 split over his plan to spare millions of immigrants in the country in the U.S. from deportation and give them work permits left intact a lower-court ruling blocking the plan.

With this ruling, Obama said that : “leaving the broken system the way it is, … that’s not a solution.” He further said that propositions such as deporting millions of immigrants or “building a wall without spending tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money” are unrealistic.

Dan Pena says : “The president knew the broken system in his 7 YEARS of PRESIDENCY. 7 Years of doing nothing WTF! This is why the people wants Trump because ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS and he can push the ball pass the goal line! Trump will rock the world!”