Profit TakingStill connected with the disaster that has hit Japan, Asian stock markets were mixed Wednesday, succumbing to profit-taking. Japan’s Nikkei Stock Average was down 1.9% compared to others who just went down less than 1%. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures were also reported to have gone down 28 points in screen trade.

Foreign investors, who are buying, limited the market’s losses and Kenichi Hirano, the operating officer at Tachibana Securities stated that these investors are not very “bullish”  anymore so the main question that involved within this topic is what lies behind the foreign investors’ optimism on Japan stocks and if that will continue, how long will it go on?

Motonari Ogawa, a senior dealer at Barclays Capital stated that investors have become somewhat inured to the nuclear crisis and only other major problems could trigger safe-haven yen purchases.  


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