QLA Castle Seminar 2010 Openings for Reservation

Dan Pena’s QLA Castle Seminar now has slots open for reservation. The seminar date is April 11-17, 2010.


Dan Pena is the creator of the Quantum Leap Advantage methodology for exponential business growth.. This seminar produced the likes of Ron LeGrand, Deann and George Verdier, Bruce Whipple, Bodo Schaeffer, Lucinda Burke, Heiko Faass, Martin Heller,  Casey Stephenson, Frank Slangen, Winneke Liefbroer, Dan Lok, Tim Cohn, Thelma Box, Armando Garcia, Andrew Reid, Dr Bernie Shindler and countless others.

This one-of-kind seminar takes place in Guthrie Castle, the the 15th century  historic home of Dan Pena , set on 156 acres of outstanding natural wonder. It has a beautiful 2 acre walled garden which dates back to 1616 magnificent lawns a private Loch and its own 9-hole golf course. Bask in the ambiance along with other super successful high performance individuals.

The new updated and expanded QLA Seminar has been given the great value cost of £10,000 (about $17,000) plus VAT (@ 17.5% – reclaimable by some). Obviously this is a great opportunity at a super value for a very few! From his seminar Dan chooses members for his new mentor program. In addition to 60 plus hours of interactive seminar in the all attendees will receive QLA product valued at £1,500 (about $2,500), plus the entire QLA Seminar 950 Power Point presentation, FREE. All attendees will also get individual private time with Dan to discuss their own dream, idea, project or thoughts. Dan gives you the benefit of his almost 40 years in business. He will tell you what he thinks and what can be done to make it better.
No value can be put on this time, and over years many of the Castle attendees have been in business with Dan. Reserve your slot today.
Contact Info:

Phone: +44 1241 828 691
Email: thelma@guthriecastle.co.uk
Website: www.qlaseminar.com