Newsletter Issue #106 : QLA Insights and Comments


The recent QLA $50 Billion eBook has had tremendous results! Though I underestimated greatly, how long it would take for you guys to read it! LOL! I am still getting many responses 3 weeks after I first sent it! Of course, I know – never underestimate how wrong you can be! And I am sure you have all been very busy fulfilling your dreams and didn’t have time to read an eBook that would change your life! LOL!

I am writing this very short newsletter to inform you of important QLA issues and to share a few personal and mentee/devotee insights, stories and comments!

The April Castle Seminar is closed and I had more interest than I could accommodate! Therefore, I will have another castle extravaganza August 16-22, 2014, even though I had not planned a seminar this coming summer! I previously didn’t think this was possible, but my lovely wife Sally has made our trips to the South African Continent, Russia, Northern Europe and Scandinavia more compact. So, I can be at Guthrie to give another QLA Castle Seminar in August to fill the overflow, between other commitments. I hope this works for those of you that I could not fit in for April!




Or as a long term mentee said:

“I’ll tell you why Dan… One word PASSION … I’ve had the honor to know you for 14 years and through that time I have seen a powerful man driven by his belief in himself and the will to give others what he has ….. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I’m proud to call you a friend… But more than that empowered to make myself better!” – AS

Of course, it sounds very self-serving, but I get many of these! And I could not be more proud of the countless lives that I have changed since I began my coaching and mentoring career! It doesn’t get much better than this anywhere, anytime! And if it does – it must be in QLA Heaven!
And if a comment like above is not enough, I get these kinds of responses below reference QLA working at incredible levels extremely often:

But his reaction was incredible, I got all that I want to have, ok I gave him as well something, but in the end, I will profit more. I hate to tell you this over and over again, but your (QLA) stuff is like magic, you can play with all guys (and this one attended an ivy league school with summa cum laude) bing bong! – BM

And you wonder why I am now called the FINANCIAL MAGICIAN? WTF! Of course, these have been the type of QLA results, I have received for more than 20 years, from my mentees/devotees! And I received the same results for me personally, for almost 20 years, before I began my coaching career! Plus, I obtained the same type QLA results in college, when I returned from the Army and took up to 23-semester units at a time and was on the Dean’s List, so I could complete a 4-year degree in 2 ½ years! Bottom line: QLA thinking has worked since the early ’70s as a student AND STILL WORKS TODAY IN 2014! BUT YOU MUST GET UP OFF THE PORCH AND TAKE ACTION! WTF!

But in total full disclosure, I also get these from time to time and I hope YOU cannot relate to it – though we all know people who fall into this category:

Dan, I know you must have heard this a million times but I have just read more about you and I have to say that you are one of the most impressive awe-inspiring men I have ever had the honour to be humbly ‘connected’ to. I think everyone needs a mentor, someone to look up to – I wish I’d known about you when I still had the ‘push’ to live out my dreams. H

And I wrote the person back – IT IS NEVER TO LATE!

It never ceases to amaze me what negativity can do to people trying to do better! Here is a segment from a weekly report from a mentee. As you read it, think about what I have said about parents and we make it in spite of them!


I talked with my dad yesterday – he was very unsupportive of my goals. The conversation was something similar to the scene in the movie “Rudy” where the father tells the kid, it’s not for people like us.

My father is pretty much telling me that I’m being delusional – and that kind of success is for “exceptional” people and it’s not for most folks.

I don’t understand that kind of mentality – i.e. not to have high goals. It doesn’t make any sense.

Lately, I’ve also had a strong “wake-up” realization that most people that I’m surrounded with and talk to are “small-minded” – I have to escape from the conventional life and put myself in a new setting where I want to be – MU

Hell, I don’t have to make this crap up! I see it happen weekly! And at the seminar, I hear horror stories that defy description! This kid is bright, but still naïve at 27 – even after a year of me beating him with the QLA Mentor Program! But he has big goals and is running into problems/challenges, as we all do! So when your that age, still a kid, whom are you likely to turn? He is single, so he called his Dad! WTF! Of course, he called me first and I gave him a dose of tough love, with alternatives that would work, but way outside his comfort zone! He will get there! We all move at a different pace!

In regard to the above, over the 20 years, I can’t tell you how many times I have been told – oh what I could have done if I had met you 10 – 20 years ago! Or it is too late for me! Or I am too old now! Or I just don’t have the energy anymore! Or my parents/spouse derailed me! WTF! Of course in most cases, all this is BS and merely excuses to justify where people are now! And reference the seemingly old person above, as I have written, my mentees/devotees range to their early 90’s and it is never too late to make your life better!


Here are a few other comments on the recent $50 Billion eBook. Strange as it may seem, I have read the eBook a couple times, in the last weeks! It is vintage me and I hope you continue to read it! (BTW: as some of you know, I cry when I listen and, or watch my own QLA material! WTF does that mean? LOL!) As I wrote, the eBook is 100% true and it describes what you have to do to succeed against conventional wisdom! Of course, it also illustrates beyond a doubt, you can do it from ground zero: no prestigious education; working-class background; and no money! All you need is the desire, passion and will to fulfill your dreams! And if I did nothing more writing the eBook, I hope I allowed you to determine, if a high-performance life is for you, or not! So, now have you decided to be a high performer! Or are you still deciding? But more importantly, as part of your decision-making process – if I showed countless others how to do it – WHY NOT YOU? WTF!

“There is nothing wrong with hurting feelings if it causes someone to see the truth and take initiative. Thanks”. –BW

“Loved the ebook dan. Here’s to many others achieving their QLA.” – DS

“ just read ur e-book 1 sitting 2 nite. Its extraordinary piece & as always,u spoke truth.” WB

“Thanks for rock n our boats. You Rock. WTF” – RD

“Loved the book dan. Here’s to many others achieving their QLA” – ST

“It powerfully shed new light on the QLA principles in action and how much much hard work it takes even with QLA let alone trying to skate by on seminar guru lies.” – BK

“Thk u very much & ur midas touch worked again” – YC

“Yeah, I’ve read your ebook twice. My biggest takeaway was the reason people stop achieving ‘ – THEY STOPPED ACTING AS IF THEY HAD NO LIMITS TO THEIR ABILITIES!’ – Very true!” – MM

“ANOTHR THKS:But you’ve already helped me so much, if it werent 4 all the QLA mindset,I wouldn’t have the “guts” 2 do this” – DL

“Finished ur e book tonight-Loved it-its great! It is absolutely u, as honest as u R
some will be sick 2 their stomach while reading it” – WL

“ u always give away ur best stuf 4 free-Thk u-ur greatest inspiration 2 all” – RM
“your fucking Newsletter was great, but Long as hell, you should start working as copywriter lol” – MB


“Thank you, through your guidance and your stick to it attitude (I closed the deal)” – JP

“Thank you for the e-book … I enjoyed it thoroughly as it was like a injection in my arm for a dose of Dan, much needed” – BC

“I’ve read the ebook twice now. The writing is effective because you are telling reality as it is – which we don’t hear too often.” – UM

“(I understand) … the pay per action price to attend the castle seminar is quite high and biting- for obvious and goods reasons of course” – MJ

“I read your e-book and you have a take no punches attitude!” Dan, you said:
“Though I continue the search for the next FB – none of the $50 Billion was derived from techy internet exits, or IPO’s!”. I will change that, Dan! – MP
“read the ebook/its awesome think you were very lucky to have such a tough childhood! it prepared you to become who you are today!” – AJM

“Go get ’em tiger…you are fearless and a true leader” – SV


If after more than 20 QLA years: of over 100 QLA Newsletters; 3 QLA books; hundreds of QLA articles, interviews, you tubes, blogs, testimonials; and countless success stories from regular gals/guys, exemplified by creating over $50 Billion in equity/value to fulfil their dreams – WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Hell, I tell you to get all the FREE QLA content you can possibly read on my site! And if that is not enough, I plead with you to obtain my QLA product on the various torrent sites! WTF! If you were ever serious about your future YOU HAVE NO MORE BS REASONS NOT TO SUCCEED AND REACH YOUR POTENTIAL!


To your Quantum Leap,

P.S. Recently a kid (in his early 30’s) wrote me saying perhaps he might be beyond me being able to assist him because he had made a few bucks – had a few businesses and owns debt free a couple of houses and received some awards and recognition! PLUS HE WAS NOT SURE I WAS FOR REAL! WTF! LOL! I felt like telling him – CAN’T YOU READ, OR DO YOU THINK IT’S ALL LIES? MAYBE THE CASTLE HASN’T BEEN MINE FOR 30 YEARS, ETC? SO GO FUCK YOURSELF! But I am a kinder more gentle Dan as I approach my 69th birthday! LOL! Though I’m sure this kid is nice enough, he hasn’t done his homework! And of course, this kid is being told how “special” he is and if he is not careful he will fall into the abyss! And how do I know this scenario, because I was there in my mid 30’s! and if I had not sucked up my pantyhose and decided this was not enough – I would have never accomplished most of what I am infamous for and would have settled down to be like many others! And sadly, I would not have assisted countless others to get their asses across the QLA goal line that might never have on their own!

But I responded like this:

Here is a young mentee of mine that is a neighbor of yours! He sent me these 3 tweets, from late last year and early this year!

Jan 3
Gotta admit that 12 yrs later, I’m still using the weekly report system that @danspena hit me with – reporting to myself for over 8yrs

Jan 1
In good old @danspena – fashion, all 2014-goals are defined in writing & between audacious & seemingly unreachable. Topping it up once again

Dec 24
@danspena or one for the book “the teachings of Dan Pena made me at least $50m hard cash” – merry Xmas 😉

Dec 24
Gotta hear it, huh!? I got my most important skills while being kickass/mentored by Dan Pena 😉 RT @danspena: WHO Taught u that …..

The tweets came from 1 of my best QLA mentees and are on the QLA Hall Of Fame!

P.P.S. The April QLA Seminar will have a great group once again! Attendees will include people from Austria, Germany, USA, South America, Australia, Lithuania and Italy! It will be a lot of fun! LOL! Or should I say, I will have a lot of fun!

P.P..P.S. Click on the link below to for the recent QLA press release!

P.P.P.P.S. I have attached once again the introduction email and $50 Billion QLA eBook. Pass it on – to someone you care about!