QLA Newsletter #100 – Seminar Update and New Schedule

My last QLA Seminar at the Guthrie Castle in Sept 21 – 26 of 2013 was a tremendous success.

Robert Maier from Germany shares how the 3 Castle Seminars he has attended in the last 12 Months has helped him achieved quantum growth.

View his video testimonial below


As QLA success studies have ascertained since 1993 and compared to results since 2010 show – the results are substantially greater since the role playing was initiated and expanded!

Almost all mentees were much better prepared with the additional role playing vis a vis contacting potential Dream Team members and financial institutions! Of course a couple professional actors and a few had top notch skills when they came to the seminar, but they were certainly in the great minority!

The role playing in conjunction with the intense new Mentor Program has allowed the seminar attendees tremendous leverage in assisting them to fulfil their dreams! The year-long Mentor Program was initiated in 2010 and has proven extremely beneficial to all QLA Castle Seminar attendees. The Mentees are required to give me succinct weekly reports that I critique personally! In addition to that, all Castle attendees participate in a monthly video conference call with me and the other mentees! This intense year-long additional training exists nowhere in the Personal Development or business success space! And as of now it is FREE!

Hence, I am looking forward to coaching them towards their Quantum Leap for the entire year. But do not misunderstand me – I make ALL participants responsible and accountable! Just like the real business world of hi performance people I live in!

Because I see that the Castle Seminar has made a huge impact, and I truly enjoyed giving it, I am holding another Castle Seminar next year on January 4-10, 2014 still based on the same prices used since 1999! Next year, the cost will change for the first time in almost 15 years! So, if you’re serious – SIGN-UP now on LAST CENTURIES’ PRICES!

And finally, this is the graduation


Email our secretariat now thelmag@guthriecastle.com to know about our prices and reservations.

To your Quantum Leap,