Inspired or Desperate?

Oops! Forgot it was Memorial Day weekend in the USA! Being a very proud Veteran myself, my thanks goes out to all that have served and died for their countries around the world! Was so busy working, it escaped me – so  Happy Memorial Day to those in the USA! Enjoy, but keep working! I just had my conference call with the last seminar attendees. A lot of success for a year let alone only 5 weeks. More about it in my next news letter.

And on a very serious note, as you may of read or heard a great American entrepreneur, Art Linkletter, passed last week at 97! I had the pleasure of knowing him many years ago when I was young and looking for advice and insight! I still remember going up to his mansion in Bel Aire, California. He was extremely kind to me and gave me advice graciously! The deal didn’t work out, but I never forgot the kind jester! I guess I was looking for dream teams, even as a young man in the late 70’s!



Dear QLA Visionary and Devotee,

Well, the market is looking for a reason to correct itself and just maybe lead us into the “dreaded double dip recession” we have all heard and read about. Time will tell.

I was especially amused to see the 1000 day drop in the market a couple weeks ago especially when it was ostensibly blamed on a “technical glitch” that they are still trying to ascertain the blame. This coupled with rioting in the streets of Athens, Bangkok, Kingston, many cities of Nigeria and what they call rallies in many European cities – I wonder what the hell is going on?!  I said to myself – golly bum (as my dearly departed partner Charlie used to say). What is happening? As my dearly recently departed father used to tell me since I was a boy, “the longer you live the less you are surprised.”

With all this world wide turmoil, I still get regular emails and calls (more about my next mentee conference call later) from students, mentees, protégées and devotees. In candor almost all are from people wanting to share their successes and, or ask for some advice they don’t seem to find in the QLA product or my book – Your First 100 Million. Of course I do get some very sad stories , as well.

Times are tough. Remember people change only out of inspiration or desperation. Which are you? Inspired? Desperate? Let’s see how you would grade a few of my recent castle seminar attendees.Are they desperate or inspired? I will leave them nameless to protect the guilty. Of course, the attendees know who they are and who the other attendees are.

As I have recently completed, in late April, a castle seminar, I got first hand from the attendees what is going on in 2010 and how they are doing. Yah, times are tough – but deals are still getting done!

A 41 year old attendee had been funding property deals tied to energy producing green technology and wanted to do larger ones than he was currently doing. He had not been turned down ever by his bank in 20 years and he came to Guthrie to learn how to get larger and quicker results. I told him: though admirable what he had accomplished, he should do much better if he pushed harder; he should not be proud of never being turned down;  he was not asking for enough money; he was not focused enough.

Another attendee: was a manager at a site of the largest fast food operation in the world in Australia. He had known of me since he saw me mentioned in a 1994 Robb Report (he brought the page with him). He was a 25 year old and physically fit trained in martial arts; knew what focus and commitment meant; wanted to find a goal he could use his current talents.  I told him I forgot what I looked like in 1994; commitment and focus put him ahead of his contemporaries and most others; he needed to look at various opportunities he could wrap his passion around it; and whatever he does don’t think he had a lot of time just because he was only 25!

Another attendee: a fast talking lawyer who at 39 had already had success in property and brokering deals from a tax haven wanted to get to the next level. He had bought my first book on eBay in 2004 and needed further assistance on how to get more direction. I told him: get laser beam focused; he can’t do it all; use his legal practice as a conduit.

There were a couple of attendees that studied under two of my very successful mentees. Hence they thought, if I trained them – Bodo Scheaffer (German mind, body, finance guru) and Ron Legrand (USA no money down real estate guru) – I must be a terrific mentor coach!

Guy #1: 35 yrs old budding realestate entrepreneur; wants to leave his current endeavor of night club owner; doing his 1st real estate deal; had success early in his life with something he was passionate about; but lost focus and has had difficulty finding it again. I told him: he knew what it felt like because he had the passion once; find something he wanted badly; and refocus as he once did.

Guy #2: 31 yrs old, once personal assistant to real estate CEO: had done real estate deals on his own; trying to do big deals; trying to do deals that were much too confusing and needed too many things to happen to close; had knowledge from former CEO; trying to build his own track record. I told him: simple deals are best; financial institutions and investors like simplicity; get focused; you build a track record by doing deals.

I told all the above: DREAM BIGGER DREAMS; they needed a board of directors and dream team to assist in fulfilling their dreams, with one exception. I told them all they were involved in too many things and were not laser beam focused.I told them all they were not working hard, tough or smart enough. I told them all – what gets measured, get done and what gets measured gets better. They all needed bench marks, more finite goals that were reviewed weekly and better daily and they all had to hold themselves much more accountable. I told them all we would follow up in our monthly coaching call and that they would be severely beaten (metaphorically) if they didn’t accomplish their given tasks. LOL! Some seemed to like the beating idea.

There are other stories from the castle seminar that I could share, but I hope you get the point that the attendees are very much like you.

As I said earlier in this news letter I would talk more about the conference calls I am initiating for the castle attendees 30 may. The schedule for the rest of the year will be posted on my website. After giving castle seminars since 1994 I have gone through several permutations, trying to get the best results for the attendees – many of whom have become my mentees, protégés, students, business partnersand friends. As I said in a recent newsletter, I asked what I could do to strengthen and make the results more long lasting. Almost to a person I was told – more personal contact with me made a substantial and significant difference in their potential success. Hence, the monthly conference calls were born. I look forward to sharing the results of this new program with you in the future.


To Your Quantum Leap,

– Dan


P.S. As I have written my mentor program closed in 2008, due to my schedule and many commitments. It is hoped in 2011, it will have limited openings. But all potential who may enter the mentor program – must be graduates of the castle seminar. Only this way do the candidates fully understand what I demand in a mentee. Of course all castle seminar attendees will not become mentees.

P.P.S. With cash and finance for deals tight – it still exists! It’s a jungle out there and only the fittest survive. But as I have told the above castle attendees, it is easier when you present your deals with the support and backing of: a dream team; senior board of directors built around a experienced chairman; credible law firm; credible accounting firm;  and a deal you believe in, are focused on and passionate in your execution.

P.P.P.S I have told my children and anyone who would listen: it is not what happens to you in life that dictates how you turn out, it is solely how you interpret what happens in life that dictates your future. The glass is either – half empty – or half full. How do you interpret what happens to you?

P.P.P.P.S. As I write this news letter I am informed there are people trying to find flaw with me.Stalkers who would try and discredit me and what I have done! Not being perfect as many would contend, my life is a public record so they shouldn’t have much trouble finding the errors I have committed.These are “real bad guys” I have been involved in a law suit with for several years. They have attempted to hack into my emails, etc. Unlike Sara Palin, I have nothing interesting to read other than a lot of F* YOU and other expletives! I would not be surprised if they don’t attempt to contact anyone that I have had contact with in recent, or even distant year. They are ostensibly journalists from the UK with a special angle.In fact they have already been in touch with a former mentee. They are the same group that tried unsuccessfully to exploit bogus trumped up charges against me in India on Wikipedia.  Of course, I was fully exonerated, as indicated on Wikipedia – Firm Chairman Cleared of Charges. The closer we get to a court date the harder they will try to besmirch my name.They think I will go away. I strongly suggest you ascertain who you are talking to and get contact details and enjoy the experience.And don’t worry about me. For those of you that have read my books you know I have been up against formidable opponents before!