Issue # 95 : Great QLA Success Story! QLA Castle Seminar! New QLA Case Study Workshop!

Twenty-one (21) hours have come and gone since the end of my QLA castle seminar! As the video testimonials on my site and You Tube illustrate, it was an experience they will remember for their entire life! And I hope and pray all attendees are taking the initiatives they have learned! As you know, 21 hours is the QLA deadline to take initial action! I look forward to our 1st monthly video call. And I am looking forward to their 1st weekly report, due this weekend.

The Castle seminar ended last Monday evening with Dr Klaus Kleinfeld, Former CEO of NEOM, Former President/CEO of Siemens; Former Chairman/CEO of Alcoa; Former Chairman/CEO of Arconic, attending graduation night and saying a few inspirational words! The week was special having my QLA Most Distinguished Corporate Mentee Alumni present! It was an extravaganza like we have not had before! And I expect all attendees are kicking ass and taking no prisoners!
I have talked and met with a few of Castle attendees since the end of the seminar. As expected they all sounded, looked and acted fired up! The challenge is to stay that way! I look forward to working with them all the next 12 months – and beating them (metaphorically) when necessary! Lol!
There were many that could not attend in April, due to the date change. Hence, I have decided to have another seminar 20 – 26 Sept, 2013. Again,  “Man plans and God laughs”! We should have another full Castle!

I include below a recent email from a 2010 QLA Castle attendee. He has followed the QLA agenda and has had success, but crossed swords with a large financial institution. As you can read, though QLA clearly worked for him, there are always speed bumps on the way to success!

Hi Dan,
I just want to drop some lines, because need an input from you: 
I bought this bakery (20m € revenue) to turn around, and now the bank tries to push ME out as a majority-shareholder, saying this clearly: k, give back your shares or we will call the loan of the company due. It seems that they really will risk to get less money back, just for personal reasons, and because they hate me… 
Do you think a bank (or banker) is really that stupid? The loan is 3,3m, collateral max 2m. This makes no sense for me.
What do you think? I think you dealt with a lot more irrational bank-decisions, right?
Best B

Of course – I asked the QLA devotee what happened and why?
He wrote back:
Because they realized that I bought the shares (81%) for 1 EUR with no legal obligation to put money in.
Background: We signed a loose expression in the SPA (the bank signed as well), they signed this paragraph without clarifying this issue (exact amount and date) all to my benefit. We have different points of view how much money has to be put in (I said 300k as the official going concern report from the accountants says) and they want 500k which makes no sense. Their way to get what they is want to limit our credit line (which they already did) threatening with insolvency or at least heavy damage to the company. They call me “the shark from Frankfurt” and they don’t like to work with me any linger… instead of sayin’ “wow, now and finally we got someone here who helps us getting all back on track”  such pussies.

And I wrote back: I told you at the Castle and since 2010 a financial institution can do almost anything they want!

The above email from a QLA mentee illustrates how the real world works and can be so cut throat! But you can still prevail if you follow the precepts!

Of course you ask could this have been avoided. The answer is probably yes – but I was not there to oversee the transaction! The point is if you didn’t believe you could buy millions worth of assets for almost zero – perhaps you now believe me! 1 euro got him 81% of – 20 million revenue, 3 million debts and maximum 2 million collateral! And with him having no additional liability or recourse!  Pretty damn good for a kid! WTF!

The take away bottom line you should get – QLA works and not all will like that  you are ostensibly smarter than them! It is still the only game in town that a person with no money can build assets, exit and gain substantial wealth in a short period of time! For those that have not tried it – ask yourself why?
To Your QL,

P.S. Below I describe the new QLA Workshop Case Study Seminar! This seminar gives the answers you didn’t know the questions to ask! Or as 1 of my great mentees, who was Managing Director of the Year in the UK said: you don’t know what you don’t know!
I have decided to finally fill this request, after many years of being asked – what about the things we don’t know about, so we can’t even ask questions? To fill this need, I will give a special  individually molded QLA Seminar for a very much more hands on exclusive one-on-one QLA work session seminar. All attendees have said the absolute importance of the personal time I spend with each person. Hence, each of the 4 days will be devoted to 1 of the 4 attendees, with the other 3 members of his group adding feedback and encouragement, when I am drilling down on their individual needs, etc. Non-disclosure agreements (NDA) will be signed by all participants. Part of this 4 day and   5 night experience, will be an on-going case study approach (used in the B Schools), for each business ref QLA! But this is where the B School comparison ends, because I will tell the attendees, based on my 40 + years’ experience –  how it affects them and how to take absolute and direct action – leaving the opposition for dead (metaphorically) in their wake! Hence, this is not for the feint at heart! LOL!! The result will be detailed training and guidance, similar to what I did with our recent honoured guest speaker, Dr. Klaus Kleinfeld, for many year, This same guidance helped him achieve the CEO position of the 25th largest company in the world! It will be a much smaller group and will have as many personal one-one-one hours, as necessary! Ergo, due to the detailed approach and time spent individually, it’s recommended the attendee have already been through the QLA  Experience! Of  course as usual we will have a gala black tie kilt graduation with video and fotos! And other of the week long seminar benefits will go to the QLA Case Study Group! I If you have interest ref the dates and cost contact Thelma as soon as humanly possible (asahp) because I expect this new intense case study group to fill up quickly. In fact, I have already been contacted ref this new QLA case study experience by several before the actual announcement!  So much for privilege and secrecy! LOL!

P.P.S. In all QLA Castle Seminar and when I speak, I am asked where I turned my life around? I talk about me volunteering for the draft in 1966. Then being accepted to US Army Infantry Officer Candidate School and after 6 months (10 months in total), graduating a 2nd LT in July 1967. Well this  castle seminar I added for the first time, a few slides showing me as a young man going through the arduous Infantry OCS training. It is hard to believe I was ever this young (21), or thin! Lol!