Dan’s QLA 7 Day Castle Seminar!


The next QLA Seminar will be held on April 12-18, 2014 at the Guthrie Castle, Scotland.

Due to popular request I have reinstated the 7 day original Castle Extravaganza. It will be up dated to the 21st Century – but as they say, “It will bring back the fire and brimstone I became famous (or infamous) for whilst giving seminars from 1993 to 2000 and is only partially exhibited in all my product.

Past Attendees

To refresh QLA devotees memories QLA seminars produced the likes of Ron LeGrand (USA) (Canada), Deann and George Verdier (USA), Bruce Whipple (USA), Bodo Schaeffer (Germany), Lucinda Burke (USA), Casey Stephenson (USA), Frank Slangen (Netherlands), Winneke Liefbroer (Netherlands), Sally Hall (UK), Tony Ward (Ireland), David Abingdon (UK), Colin Chapman (Netherlands), Shawn Casey (USA), Ted Nicholas (Switzerland), Ruben Navarrett (USA), Heiko Faass (Germany), Martin Heller (UK), Doris Primicerio(USA), Dan Lok (Canada), Tim Cohn (USA), Thelma Box (USA), Armando Garcia (USA), Andrew Reid (Canada), Dr Bernie Shindler (USA), Don Taylor (USA), Fidel Vargus (USA), Nick Galtos (Australia), Christian Bailey (UK), Kenny Scott (UK), Jim Ehretsman (USA), Ray Rock (USA), Stephan Gomoll (Guernsey), Des Vadgama (UK), Dale Bullough (USA), Ed Taylor (USA), Nese Martin (UK), Emerson Brantley (USA), Craig Hofman (USA), Gerard Hofmeijer (Netherlands), Jose Alvarez (USA), Arni Sigurdsson (Iceland), Michael Pilarczyk (Netherlands), Tom Winkler (USA), Ante Perkov  (USA), Stuart Goldsmith (UK), Leonard Nock (USA), Oliver Schmalholz (AUSTRIA), Robert Maier (GERMANY), Steve Grey (USA) and countless others.

Dan pena 7 day Castle seminar experience

Seminar Outline


  • Pay Price to Action
  • No free lunch, but super success can be accomplished at a discount
  • Quantum Leap Advantage Action War Plan
  • The business investment “RED FLAG” Check List
  • 114 Penaisms
  • Sample Letters
  • Sample Phone Scripts
  • Sample Meeting Interview Scripts
  • Redefine goals and vision
  • Building Self Esteem, Self Confidence and Self Worth
  • Emotional Bank Accounts and how you build up a Reservoir
  • Getting comfortable with high performance
  • Leadership and its importance IN QLA
  • Your doubts are not products of accurate thinking, but habitual thinking
  • Super success – not for everyone
  • Conventional wisdom – the losers crutch
  • What it means to be super successful
  • Laser Beam Focus VS Ferocious Focus
  • Five Credos for success
  • Preparing for your Quantum Leap (15 keys)
  • Achieving your Quantum Leap (8 power strategies)
  • Cashing in on your success. Doing it again.
  • Take Action NOW or Never!

The Quantum Leap Advantage (QLA) Methology

  • Your Quantum Leap Advantage
  • Building Perception to become a Reality
  • Creating Your Dream Team for Success
  • 11 Steps that make a Deal
  • The Plan with no Escape

7-Steps to Super Success

Step 1 – Creating your Personal Foundation for success:

  • Get comfortable
  • Passion – do you have it? Selling your dream
  • Beyond Common Sense
  • 5 Credos for Success
  • New Rules – there are no rules
  • Leadership and you in 21st century
  • Focus on Ends not the Means whilst overcoming obstacles

Step 2 – Clarify your Vision – are you crystal clear?

Step 3 – Building the Perception – perception is reality

Step 4 – Creating Your Dream Team for business and life

Step 5 – Your Quantum Leap Action Plan:

  • Growth – arithmetic, geometric, exponential, quantum
  • Working Capital (Raising Capital) – OPM
  • Financing – Internal Growth (Raising Capital) – OPM
  • Acquisitions – External Growth (Deals and Acquisitions)

Step 6 – Pay Yourself (Directors, employees) first through all cycles and why?

Step 7 – Creating Your Exit Strategy (Selling, Franchising, Going Public)


  • Dispelling myths about raising capital
  • Financing your dream
  • Rules of the Game – there aren’t any!
  • How the internet has made the process easier and harder.
  • Role playing financial presentations
  • Forms of Finance
  • Fundamentals of finance
  • How to locate successful financing
  • How to interview financial institutions
  • Business Plans – Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to create/project the right perception
  • How to create an instant track record
  • How to present to the financial institutions?
  • How and why to always position to go public – even if you don’t
  • How to leverage banks against each other?
  • How to choose between IPO’s and Private Placements
  • When to use Investment Banks, Venture Capitalists, brokers, private equity providers, and others?
  • How to understand the various tools of finance
  • Unsecured vs. secured debt
  • How to see the red flags early
  • Advanced role playing
  • Evaluation of business plans of attendees
  • How to avoid subsequent litigation by positioning yourself for it
  • Analytical model for calculating debt required
  • Most common financial follies
  • How not to take rejection from bankers, investors too seriously
  • Financial misconceptions


  • How to find an industry
  • How to find targets within your industry
  • How the internet has made the deal making process easier and harder
  • How to make a first impression
  • How to expand your Dream Team
  • How to set up a system to get paid
  • How to structure professional fees
  • How to set up and conduct the first, second and consecutive deal meetings
  • How to proceed to reviewing financials
  • Role play interviewing professionals
  • How to create deal flow
  • How to determine if the deal is hot
  • How to conduct due diligence
  • How to make an offer
  • How to tie up the deal
  • How to finance the deal
  • How to do the next deal
  • Role play using attendees own deals
  • And all personal Deal questions answered.


  • What is leadership
  • Leadership past, present and future
  • Why is leadership more important now than ever
  • Can’t lead without first understanding what it is to be a follower
  • What do all great leaders know
  • All great leaders are great salesmen first
  • What is the most important part of the sales process
  • How to make your selling process the same as their buying process
  • What all great ideas have first.
  • What is the easiest dream to sell
  • How to get good/great at the sales process
  • What all of your dream team must know and believe
  • And all personal, leadership and obstacle questions answered
  • Special meal requirements need to be requested 15 days in advance

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dan pena seminar guthrie castle


Dan has decided to give the New updated and expanded QLA Seminar for the great value cost of £10,000 (about $15,000). Obviously this is a great opportunity at a super value for a very few! The new mentor programme, already mentioned in his newsletter, is just one example of new exciting opportunities to come.


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  • Participate in new YEAR LONG MENTOR PROGRAMME
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  • Special individual time with Dan to discuss your Dream, Vision and Future.and…notes, letters, scripts, interviews and individualized game plan of one of the most successful QLA devotees to come through the program, including hundreds of sage bits of information from someone I have written about many times – a mentee extraordinaire!

Call NOW: +44 1241 828 691

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In addition to 50 plus hours of interactive seminar in the ambiance of the super successful with other high performance individuals, all attendees will receive QLA product valued at £1,500 (about $2,300), plus the entire QLA Seminar 1900+ slide Power Point presentation, FREE. All attendees will also get individual private time with Dan to discuss their own dream, idea, project or thoughts. Dan gives you the benefit of his almost 40 over years in business. He will tell you what he thinks and what can be done to make it better. No value can be put on this time, and over years many of the  Castle attendees have been in business with Dan.