Running Blind: Long-Time QLA Mentee To Run New York Marathon

Tony and Darragh runningWhen Tony Ward was diagnosed with macular degeneration at the age of 28, it was obviously a life-changing event. For others, this would have meant everything goes south from there. But for Tony, the two decades that followed was to be the most challenging yet rewarding years of his life.

Tony has made the near impossible possible with fierce determination and a well-stocked emotional bank account. Dan always likes to say “people take action either because of inspiration or desperation.” Tony was quoted to have said, “…what happened to me made me take risks because I had no choice” and is one of the best examples of QLA at work.

Tony has worked with Dan on numerous deals and, as Dan likes to say, is the smartest guy that has ever come to the seminar.

His athletic achievements include representing his country in 6 international athletic championships, has qualified for the Athens Paralympics, ran 5 marathons and will be running in the New York Marathon in November at the age of 50—8 days after his birthday.

Tony is currently the head of fundraising for the Irish non-profit organization, Fighting Blindness. In celebration of his 50th birthday and to help raise money for the organization that has not only helped him personally but countless others with the same condition, Tony has decided to use his NYC Marathon as a platform to raise funds for Fighting Blindness. Dan and Sally are supporting Tony and would like every QLA mentee and devotee to do likewise. To know more about it and if you would like to show your support, click on the link below: