Seminar Rescheduled Due to Injury

Bad news and bad news! I am injured! I  can’t give the seminar this month!

I had an accident. I had my rotator cuff torn and bicep of the right shoulder.

I had surgery and quite incapacitated, with  3 titanium anchor bolts in his  bone. I am in an  arm sling with instructions not to move at all – but already tested it to see  if I could  move around enough to  give a seminar, etc. Since then I have been back to my doctors  3 times and hospital twice for  a series of MRIs and x-rays to ascertain any new injuries  which occurred.  Needless to say they were correct –  I can’t use my  arm! If  I could  even move around  I would  gut it out! Moving ever so little, apparently I re – tear some tissue! 
For these reasons, I am  going to  have to postpone the  August seminar. New date of the seminar will be October 24-30. In fact I had to  cancel my 2  week South America trip, corresponding to my  65th birthday.