Small Business, Big Money

Small businesses are now acquiring big money. This statement is quite confusing and unbelievable but it is true. Not because small businesses earn a lot but this statement is believed to be true because according to the New York Times recent report, a lot of small businesses are still showing that they need bigger loans compared to the big ones.

Owners of these small businesses are disappointed with this result but it can be proven by bank reports in different states. They are being forced by the extreme competition in their respective fields and each business dream of being as big as the other businesses, even the big ones. They try to increase their income and their value by investing more money, not realizing that the interest in the bank loan that they acquired is eating up the profit that they are earning.

The worse part in this is that these small businesses wonder what is going wrong and they then choose to go to a financial advisor whom they believe would help them. Unfortunately, these financial advisors are even the ones who steal both their money and their dreams away.

Some economists blame the bank for this small business catastrophe. Economists say that it is the bank’s fault that these institutions choose to retrench and that these big banks should realize that it is a great risk to lend small businesses since they are always the casualty.

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