Success Stories

Success StoriesDan Pena provides the perfect seminar for all those who are dreaming of the ultimate success. His success story is the perfect epitome of success stories and he is more than willing to share his success ideas to you through his seminars.

He is sharing with his attendees the steps to super success as they create personal foundation for success and encourages unleashing the passion you have to truly succeed. He emphasizes that one should clarify his visions on in order to focus on end results of things, as pitfalls are natural for people who are just starting. He also stresses in his seminars that growth, working capital, and financing and acquisitions are parts of the Quantum Leap Action Plan.

He will help you disperse the different myths and give you ideas on how to finance your dreams as he promotes his different books and audio CDs that would help you remember these things even at the convenience of your homes. His seminar also offers businesspeople different guides that will help them locate successful financing and the Do’s and Don’ts on the different business plans. His seminars will also help you create the right project perception and how to approach and present your proposal to business institutions. He will also introduce the different tools on financing and how to sell your dreams as they teach attendees to become good leaders.

Seminars are usually held on a 7-day basis and starts at dinnertime. From the second to the sixth day are always full of course giving with buffet lunch for all the attendees and relaxation as they enjoy the beauty of the Guthrie Castle in Scotland where the seminar is held. Drinks and entertainment for attendees will also be provided so rest assured that all the time that you are in the seminar, you will both be educated and entertained as if you are just having a week-long vacation with your boss and colleagues.

The Quantum Leap Advantage Seminar will give you an entire 950 power point presentation for free. Attendees will also have special individual time with Dan as he teaches and touches each individual.

For more information, interested attendees can coordinate with our staff at the Guthrie Castle and call +44 1241 828 691 or check our official Web site at Come and experience the seminar that you need to boost up the dream and prowess in you.