Super Success: The Steps to Success

Mr. Pena’s seminars give you the chance of understanding the Quantum Leap Advantage War Plan. It gives you the chance to be able to familiarize yourself with the business investment “RED FLAG” Check List that contains Mr. Pena’s 112 Penaisms including Sample Letters, Sample Phone Scripts, and Sample Meeting Interview Scripts that will redefine your goals and visions. It will give you idea about Mr. Pena’s Laser Beam Focus VS Ferocious Focus and the Five Credos for success. It will also enable you to prepare yourself for your Quantum Leap where 15 keys are given and 8 power strategies are presented to achieving your Quantum Leap.

Though these seminars do not offer you free lunch, it gives you the confidence to act and follow your dreams!


These materials will help you build your self-esteem, self confidence, and know your self worth and will make you get comfortable with high performance and help you on how you build up a reservoir. It also introduces you to become a leader and how it is important in Quantum Leap Advantage or QLA.

The seminar will be presenting the 7 Steps to Super Success such as being able to create your personal foundation and enriching your passion and selling your dreams. It emphasizes that to be able to succeed, there should be NO rules to follow. The next step encourages you to build your perception since it is a form of reality which will ready you to the next step of creating your dream team for business and life. Remember that because of the hard work that you will be giving, paying yourself and your directors and employees is very important through all cycles and most importantly, it will help you create your exit strategy such as selling, franchising, and going out to the public to expand your business.

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You may think “Why is this important? Can’t I just go out there and try it on my own?” The risk is yours to take. Remember: Success is not for everyone and Common Sense doesn’t exist, only common knowledge. So why not take it from the man who has “been there and done that”.

With this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, let us take action NOW and claim the Super Success that we are looking for!