Issue #82 : Taking Direct Action

Dear QLA High Performer,

My trip to South America was terrific! Iguazu falls, Machu Picchu, standing on the equator and Galapagos were spectacular! I will post photos in facebook in due course. I attach a few for your perusal here.

The October Castle Seminar was outstanding!  We had attendees from Russia (by way of Nevada), Austria, the  USA , Asia and the famous Bruce Whipple, who has been my partner and confidant since 1993. It was a terrific group to see the “New” QLA Castle Seminar (See the attached photos). You can see the interviews on my site in due course.

Dan Pena QLA Castle Seminar October 2010

I am writing now, before my New Year message, to announce my next Castle Seminar the last week of Feb 2011. I didn’t want too much time to pass so as many of you can begin the new year with a Quantum Leap bang. Remember, people don’t plan to fail – they fail to plan!

This seminar varied with additional material to update it from the last seminar from April 2010 but the most desired was the new extended role playing. We played financial institution against entrepreneur and vice-versa. The presentations were quite beneficial and entertaining.

I also wanted to share just some of the great stories from the April Castle Seminar and how a German attendee from the April seminar who helped recruit a young entrepreneur from Austria.


Hi Dan,

Yesterday I met Markus near Passau to talk to him and to give him a glimpse about what you and your QLA-strategies enable people to do.

For him I hope he will come to the castle.

His English should be sufficient to understand, what you are going to tell him.

And I made clear to him, that I made several mistakes when:

  1. I was at Guthrie Castle in 1997, when it was still open to the public and I did not wait for you then as I was told there
  2. I did not get your book before 2005
  3. I did not go to the castle seminar before (april )2010.

So, I hope, he does not repeat my mistakes.

To his Quantum Leap


Robert later responded by emailing me:


As you find it useful, you may use this timeline, it is simply how it happened and it would be an honour to me, even if these where just a few of my huge mistakes for about 13 years.

I would prefer “robert” more than “bob”.

To Your Next Quantum Leap,


As an aside, and it is a very big one: rumor has it  robert has made more money since april’s seminar than he has made in the previous 13 yrs, by adding zeros to his projects! I will verify this in our next monthly conference call this Saturday.


The next email was written by Markus subsequent to him attending the October Castle event:

Good morning Mr Pena!

Thinks that I´ve done since your Seminar!

  • New office opened (building at my Saw company)
  • New business model in in-and export (got one of the best sales man in our area)
  • All other projekts are in the works. Today is a free day in austria and no f*cking  guy is working!!!

I will give you every week a little rewiev, so you can check it out if I´m on the right way.


He followed up with this email the next week:

Good evening Mr. Pena,

Thank you once again for your seminar. I thougt on the seminar nothing had chanced but now I can see, everthing is different. I am determined to chance my life in a better one. I was deep impressed from the last evening. I lived a shit life in a shit village! Normally is tomorrow free, but my employees decide to work. I am very glad about this.

Please send me the book and the tapes and the presentation as soon as possible.

Best regards



As you can see the young  28 year old man has made a major paradigm shift in his life. The young man was remarkable and though he had some trouble expressing himself, he did terrific.


There were several other acts of change during the seminar, but one from a grandmother was extraordinary! A woman in her 50’s fired a key employee on the phone back in Florida, mid seminar (Wednesday is the day it comes together for most) . That wasn’t the only person to be sacked from the castle since 1993. What made it rather unusual,  was the   person she terminated – HER DAUGHTER and the mother of her grand children. She decided it was time to finally exhibit tough love. Like many children the daughter felt entitled. She should of done it years before.

As if this wasn’t enough the same woman was on Skype busting the balls of her banker to get a 500% increase on her lines of credit, after what she learned  vies-a-vies banks and credit management ;and she spent her spare time buying a competing company.

Other Castle Seminar first:

  • this was the only time we had two sons and a father at the same castle seminar
  • the only time we pitted brother against brother as banker and entrepreneu
  • and it was a long awaited appearance from Bruce Whipple who has been to every QLA seminar.

These are the kinds of changes that attendees make during and after the seminar. I have never thought of listing them before, but will going forward to illustrate the phenomenal kinds of shifts that are possible for those that really are sick and tired of being sick and tired of not fulfilling their God given potential!

I am so proud of all the attendees  from our 2010 seminars, but the ones that sucked up their panty hose – nutted up –  or manned up – have understood the importance of taking action, that following QLA means.  Not easy – but not impossible!

Here are a few photos from my south American trip of late September and October:

Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Dan Pena Iguaza Falls
On top of Machu Picchu
Dan Pena - Machu Picchu

Sitting with a sea lion in Gallapagos
Dan Pena - Gallapagos
Family portrait of 6 dogs
Our 6 dogs

To Your Quantum Leap,


P.S.  I have not had a world class athlete (that won) in several years, but I do have a mentee once again. Andrew Reid and I have been working together since he came to the castle a few years ago. He does executive training for fortune 500 co’s and is listed on my web site. He has worked with two of my children in the last couple years. But his recent success in a world championship gives me great pride.

Here is what he wrote with a photo of him and his coach, after the event and yes I was the one who told him “most people give up to soon:”


Someone once told me “most people give up to soon.”  After 10 years of building my team, placing 3rd at this event 2 years ago, and 2nd last year, 5th at the World’s, we finally won it all this past Sunday!

All athletes compete, partly for the competitive chase itself….to fight for the win, to see what is possible. But to finally win a major championship, the feeling is relaxed, comfortable, and we’re all thinking limitless about the future!


Andrew Reid
Biggest Fish
Big Fish Interactive Inc.
Toronto 416-763-3017
Vancouver 604-730-8882

Andrew Reid - Big Fish Interactive

More Castle Seminar Pictures:

Me receiving an award from the “grandma” mentioned above
Castle Seminar Attendee

The piper and the butler bringing in the haggis
Castle Seminar Bag Pipes