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Letter To Stuart Goldsmith (Publisher of “Your First 100 Million”) From Andy MacDonald

Andy MacDonald

South Wales

Dear Stuart,

It is not often that I “take up the pen” to thank someone for allowing me to spend 281 pounds (U.S. $444) with them, but on this occasion I feel I would be doing “would-be multi-millionaires” like myself a massive disservice if I didn’t.

I won’t call it a book but a powerhouse of business information. “Your First 100 Million” by Daniel S. Peña has truly had a life changing effect on me. I cannot thank you enough for allowing me the privilege of purchasing this literary masterpiece, which is not based on fiction, but real life experiences from a man who, because of his business acumen has more naughts in his bank account than the owner of a “Polo” factory!

I have personally been developing in my mind over the past six years a world’s first mega-project that when up and running, will be worth many hundreds of millions of pounds to myself and my business partners who join me in my project. Because of the size of the project, up until now I have been at loggerheads with myself as how to start and develop my dream.

Upon reading and digesting “Your First 100 Million” it was as if a veil had been lifted before my own eyes and all my questions were answered. I am not an over emotional man but I can now sincerely say that because of the information I have learned I will, over the next 2-3 years, turn my dream and my business into reality.

I would say to anyone who is serious about success in their business to write a check today and get the information that can do for them what it has already done for me.

Many Thanks,

Andy MacDonald

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