Dan Pena Mentorship Program Testimonials
Errol R.D. Maynard
Errol R.D. Maynard
The decision to go to the Castle took me about ¼ of a second; financially it took me more than a year to actually get there. But what I learnt there was Priceless. I learnt to mentally overcome difficulties that automatically come with hunting in the Business-Arena. I learnt to take a strong position, even in potentially weak situations, to be Superior in negotiations. I learnt to be alert on potential dangers, to think in strategies & to be one step ahead. More than that I learnt the real meaning of Survival of the Fittest, gained insights in how it works, with a clear vision on the differences between fact and wishful thinking. Dan showed me the road to Success, opened the doors to the Battlefield. The Arena is harsh, ruthless sometimes; I’ve touched rock-bottom. But that’s good: it made me Stronger & gave me Courage. Dan stayed by my side, all the time. Today my Net-worth is increasing rapidly – Moving Ahead -. Dan, thanks for all that & more! The last acquisition we did was… €2! (Dan, how are you going to explain that one on your acquisition & deals-list!) And now we’re preparing for the notary (who designs off on deals in the Netherlands) on our next acquisition for which we raised € 1,8 millions in finance… & still having fun! More action to follow towards our Quantum Leap,

Colin Chapman
Colin Chapman
I am very busy with all the things you taught me. Always thinking; "what would Dan do", "what would Dan say", "how would Dan act". And it's working out for us. We are still doing the deals and have raised now 8.500.000,– at banks and done the deals with it. We also have the next 3.5 million deal planned in august.
Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid,
biggest fish Big Fish Interactive Inc,
Toronto Canada

One of the greatest benefits for me by attending the castle seminar and using QLA was the focus on strategy. Being in the leadership training industry , I found myself easily absorbing Dan's philosophy and adding it to my own. But the course wasn't a "raw raw" session where you feel motivated for a week and then it fades. Instead it was a hugely valuable session to strategically take my business (and myself) to the next level. The motivation to act came from within me and then the QLA "how to" skills gave me the road map to accelerate my dreams. In the process, I also realized that my original dreams were too small and they've now been replaced with bigger visions that scare me enough to realize I'm on a much bolder path.When I went to the castle, I knew I want to make my company far bigger and more effective but didn't now how. Working 20% harder was just making me 20% more tired. The QLA gave me options and perspectives I never thought of before. I would be a fool to not take advantage of those. Dan frequently challenges us to "give ourselves a big chance". The QLA approach continues to challenge me to change myself and my business model in order to bring bigger results. There are days where I slide back to old patterns but I have new clarity about my dreams and conviction to stay in the game. I ask myself daily "have I given myself a big chance today?" As an athlete, I'm a big fan of "high performance" concepts. The QLA techniques have given the awareness to surround myself only with other high-performance people. I needed to make some very tough personal decisions and but the results on the other side of those choices have created a wealth of new opportunities! I can't have a foot in the past and in the future…I choose to take the leap! Here's a summary of new initiatives since the August 04 QLA Program:

  • tripled my access to credit using QLA negotiation techniques and gave us a marketing edge
  • added 4 new staff to free my time and evolve my role as company leader tripled my business development efforts and now dealing with senior executives more often
  • attracted a new and amazing romantic partner
  • integrated new presentation skills that have my clients saying "wow, your training sessions are far more powerful"
  • secured new office space to improve company image and accessibility
  • continually change my old techniques with new ones to give myself and company a big chance and live up to our name!
Damion Lupo
Damion Lupo
Denali Companies
They say the teacher arrives when the student is ready. Dan Pena is the teacher I spent 5 years working and studying to get ready for. It wasn’t until I had spilt blood, been sued and had all sorts of bad things happen in the trenches of real business had I proven to myself I was ready for Dan Pena. Dan showed me the truth of business. He wasn’t even remotely interested in wasting time, his or mine, with sugar coated garbage that 99% of all the gurus and seminars puke out on their naïve and happily paying students. It took me 5 years to get past being the naïve eager payer. The truth is what Dan knows because the truth is what Dan lives. It’s consistent and congruent for him to teach his students the things he’s done and what he does every day of his life. Amazingly enough most people can’t handle the truth and are more comfortable hearing lies by a teacher who hasn’t done what he’s teaching because it feels good to hear that they’re winners.Now, instead of being fractured and fragmented with my time and coming up with mediocre results, I spend time studying Dan’s QLA methodology sinking it deeper into my cortex. I’m focused and making so dang much more money than I have ever made before. This year I have already made 3 times more than I made in the last 5 years combined. I expect that number to be 50 by the end of the year. This was because of QLA and because I focused on listening to someone who’d been there and done it, versus listening to all the hyperbole from the other gurus. TYQL,
Doris Primicerio

“I love everything about the Castle experience, the one year mentoring through conference call, and most of all I love how Dan cares about the success of his mentees.”

Fancsali Attila

“Year-long seminar mentor program was really great at helping me understand and deepen some of the knowledge acquired at the Castle. It was really comforting to know that you have someone out-there to rely on for unbiased, no BS advise and point of view. It was very useful for pushing me along and giving me an emotional jolt from time to time…”

“Monthly con calls were the best at keeping me in line and motivated. I just love Mr. Pena’s RAW and no BS attitude. He always prides himself with giving someone a beating, I just call it the truth.”

“Overall the year-long seminar mentor program is awesome for increasing ones chances of success. The more I kept in touch with Mr. Pena in one form or another, the better off I was. The time spent together was far more important than the method of keeping in touch.”

Markus Bauer

“Started with the mentee program in 2010 Oktober!
Had one company (lets call it company 1) with a revenue about 1 Million Euro!

Now we write the year 2013:
Increased revenue to 3,5 Million for this company 1.”

Cristina Morosan

“The businesses each of the participants comes from are so varied and, on top of it, Mr. Pena’s business and life experience is so vast, that you can almost mentally create a clear picture of the worldwide business life. Mr. Pena is a macro-thinker!”

Michelle Abreu

“These monthly conf calls are super important to me, not because they remind me of being at the castle, but because they remind me of the things that I need to do more of.  As you know, we all have MANY years of wrong, fearful mental conditioning, especially when it comes to business.  The more I get a dose of you, the better off I feel I will be, that’s the bottom line.  Even if it’s only once a month, that kick in the butt can last a while and make a huge difference.”

Robert Maier
Robert Maier

“I was searching for years, but he is the only person I could find in the world who is able and willing to pass over his professional leadership skills, his tons of knowledge of the real (and hard) high performance business world, and much much more directly, intensively and unforgettable to his mentees, because – I think – he wants to enable you to be all you can be and to succeed.”

Josef Balavanovsky

“The greatest benefit that I received from the QLA seminar is my mentor relationship with Dan. Dan is like a Zen teacher – if I lose focus he gives me a good beating and says "Wake up!". I’m only sorry for 1 thing – that I didn’t write him often enough during my 1 year of personal support, that I spoke to him only twice on the phone, and that the 12 conference calls are over. I wish I could talk to him via internet video software like Google hangouts once a month. 1 minute of video chat with Dan is worth 1000 emails, and 1 minute of meeting him in person is worth 1000 minutes of video chat! Fortunately, Dan has agreed to keep mentoring me after the 1 year was over! He still replies to my emails on an almost daily basis! 

Steve Gray

“You’ll learn how to play to win. Instead of sitting back figuring out how not to lose and stay safe, you’ll discover how to perform when you are so far outside your comfort zone that most people would wither with fear.”

Usman Muhammad

“Going away from the call [with Dan], I feel more energized. Watching and hearing you drill the points is a great part of being mentored…I think the weekly reports are very powerful for holding oneself accountable.” 


“The weekly reports and con Calls was very important 4 me, not only to "keep me on track" but also to integrate what was taught at QLA to a much deeper degree. Also the couple of phone Calls With Dan was useful for direction.”

Manjit Kaur (Mrs. Sidhu)

“Writing those reports have also forced me to take stock of things in my life, of what’s helpful and what’s not, of my priorities and of the constraints I put on myself and my aspirations.  This process in itself is revealing – and sometimes painful as well, as I am forced to ask myself some really hard questions.  This process forces me to take away the blinkers – so to speak.  And if I continue with what appears to be the status quo – at least I’m doing it with a greater degree of awareness and at least I’m doing it on my terms more than I have been able to do.”  

“Thank you Dan.  I know that if I avail myself of all the other "interventions" – they’ll probably be very very helpful.  Getting there – work in progress…”

Michael Pierce
Ceo, Founder Brownstone Group

Since starting the QLA program and having Dan as my business mentor, I've been able to buy into several multi-million dollar businesses. QLA methodologies are a proven set of business precepts and principles applicable world-wide that have enabled me, someone that had absolutely no money or business experience to start with and achieve business success! I've found following the QLA program to have endless benefits… including personal, professional and business growth far beyond my own expectations and more importantly, what other people's expectations were for me! The QLA program is a step-by-step system and very practical way, yet non-conventional, to acquire and build businesses in the real world of business. The QLA program has allowed me to start building true wealth and net worth in my lifetime that normally would take someone several generations to build on a conventional basis! For anyone that is seeking true success in business and in life… and is willing to be committed and truthful with themselves, the QLA program represents a proven system of time-tested, legal, moral and ethical business precepts and principles that can turn one's dreams into realities! And lastly, being that all people are different, with different aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, etc… and being that all businesses have inherent differences depending on the industry… Dan Pena, the founding father of the QLA program, is committed to mentoring those that are committed to adapting QLA to themselves and using QLA to build their businesses…for as long as it may take! I'm living proof that Dan never gives up on an individual that is committed to continually learning, internalizing, adapting and implementing QLA methodologies to build and consolidate businesses in their chosen industry… as it took me many years… during which time, Dan never gave up on me as he always knew success was just around the corner! He was absolutely right! Thank you Dan! You and the QLA program are with out a doubt… filling very real and true gap that exists between academics in the world today… even at the highest levels… and the real world of building successful businesses and wealth in all civilized business arenas that exist in the world today!

David Garofalo
Former Managing Director Inter-Alliance Group PLC

"I, together with my team, successfully listed my company on the AIM… continuing to follow Dan's methodology, in 3 years we completed 6 acquisitions, including cross boarders in to Asia…raised equity and debt working capital 8 times…won numerous awards, including the Deloitte and Touche (UK), fastest growing mid-cap, for 2001.No matter what the situation my company, or I, was in…Dan had a related experience and answer, including my ultimate exit in early 2002."

Candice Noll
President, Executive Lodging
Houston, TX

"Since adopting his precepts, my companies' profitability have increased 311%. Dan is a charismatic and dynamic coach who cuts to the bottom line."

Ed Strachar
Reading Genius Cupertino,

"My income shot up 1200%! I went from charging $800 a day to $10,000 a day."

Andrew Harris
American Olympic Karate East Northport,
New York

"In one year my business went from $50,000 to $250,000. That's a 500% increase!"

George and Deann Verdier Gaithersburg

"As a direct result of attending your seminar, we had a cash flow increase last year of $500,000"

Casey Stephenson Casey Jewelers Hanford

"Using Dan's strategies, I bought a company two-and-a-half times larger than me from owners who didn't want to sell."

Rod Wolford II Des Moines,

"Thank you Dan! The Pena seminars and tapes have taken us from zero to a 13.5 million a year company. The stuff works."

John Haynes
Manchester, England

"Dan, We have just (yesterday) completed our first acquisition. We have followed the system (QLA) and will continue to do so. Next month we have somewhere in the region of thirty interviews with financial institutions. We identified a very fragmented industry. Friday's deal, £700,000 T/O, debt free and ten years established, completed with the owner accepting stage payments over 18 months. Sincere thanks to you. Kind regards"

Tony Christodoulou
London, England

“Thank you for a 'Down to Earth', No Bullshit – wake up call! You have added fuel to my fire – I'm now an inferno. I left London at 6:30 on Thursday and by 12:30 the same day I had made 10 changes to the business. The very next day I met up with my hardest prospect, sat down with them, took charge and closed a 200K deal. You have made me realise that I was becoming far too 'touchy-feely' and motivational, which has a place, but I needed to be concentrating on the numbers and pushing my troops out of their comfort zones…DAILY!!!! I hope that one day our paths will meet again."

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