QLA Seminar Testimonials
Des Vadgama

“I have been involved with wealth development seminars over the last 16 years with some of the top names in the industry – Anthony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Brian Tracy, etc.

I can confirm that the Dan Pena events have resulted in adding more financial value to delegates on a per-head basis, compared with any other seminar or speaker on the planet.”

K. A. Beckmann
Bear Nicholas GmbH & Co KG,

“QLA Seminar is mind-blowing, it´s about correctly rewiring your head. Changes in overall outcome will be for sure tremendous. It sets you up for your personal quantum leap. Additionally the atmosphere of the castle is unique and an experience for itself. What concerns taught business skills – the big difference to other seminars is, Mr. Pena has been there and done it. So the message is clear – “let´s go there and do it”. There are no excuses. The tough school of a true texican oilman. My thanks to Mr. Pena for the seminar. “ –

Sean J. Brannan
Antioch CA

“…Mr. Pena’s QLA training provides a wealth of practical knowledges and counsel. The wisdom contained in one thousand books on the subject of business administration does not compare in value to actually spending time the the presence of masters. This is true in any religion, discipline or practice. The QLA training is without doubt, the pinnacle of what is available on the market to aspiring students. The QLA training contains vast practical and fundamental knowedges, however, at it’s heart, is a “force multiplier” and “attitude changer”. As such, six months ago I was doing SFR foreclosure rehabs, in the last several weeks we have thought about creating a fund for residential, now we have scrapped both and, are taking a shot at the jugular with commercial real estate sourcing and funding structures and the capital sources have appeared – because the vision has manifested itself. Thank You Mr. Pena for being accessable and for being the greatest inspiration I have had, in business and Thank You for caring enough to share your knowledge with QLA attendees 2010..”;

Björn Kukula

Hi Dan, I would like to thank you from the deepest of my heart! I had an awsome, Mind blowing, enlightening experience visiting your castle seminar last week. The intense plain text you are using to transport the ultimate ‘wisdom of success’ is needed to crack old habits, set a new level of focus and give a big-time ass-kick. The combination of know-it and know-how is never seen before. I recommend this seminar to everyone who seriously wants to do serious business. ;

Dan Lok

Dan, I’ve attended dozens of seminars. From motivational seminars to business seminars, from marketing seminars to management seminars. I can honest to God say that none of them came close to your “7 Day Castle Experience” It was not just a seminar – it truely was an experience. It wasn’t just information it was a transformation. I tell people, “If you want to make a Quantum Leap in your business or personal life, if you want to be all you can be, this is the seminar you cannot afford to not attend.”

Shelly Tolentino

Dan, I came as the supportive wife, I came out an assasin! You give “balls” to women and an extra pair to men. I left the seminar knwoing what to do in good times and bad times. It was the first seminar I attended that I didn’t have to think of any BS thing to say. It is too powerful and you too can be powerful! If someone asked me about your seminar I would say, … ” If you can handle the truth – you deserve to go. If not go anyway – the castle, Scotland, the food, the drinks, is an awesome experience.” Attending has reaffirmed everything I always have believed in and know in my gut but never had the balls & support. Now that I have the balls, it would be very tough not to use them!

Jim Ehretsman

“Coming from a Fortune 5 corporation, I not only learned things from Dan that I never learned in all of my corporate years, but I was also able to aggressively formulate a game plane to successfully consolidate an industry using Dan’s proven methodologies. Less than 90 days after meeting with Dan and outlying our intentions, we have 5 multi-million dollar acquisitions in the due diligence process. I cannot recommend ANY event Dan Pena hosts highly enough!”

Oscar Recouso

This is by far the best seminar I have ever attended. Dan totaly walks his talk. I’ll recommend his seminar to anyone who wants to make a real financial and personal difference in their lives.”

Jeffery Martin

Dear Mr. Pena I’m a long time subscriber to your newsletter, and own (and have worn thin) virtually every home study product that you’ve created. I’d like to thank you for the incredible information that you make available. When I first encountered it I was in my mid-twenties and was involved in doing acquisitions for a public company. Your information really helped me to make sense of what was going on behind the scenes, and was largely responsible for the success I enjoyed. For the past number of years it has helped me to build and sell businesses, something which I’m also very grateful for. I’m writing because I have a question and am thinking that you may be the best person to ask. Among other things, I currently own a technology consulting company. One of my employees ran across a 21 year old kid who had just sold a, fairly lousy, software product for several million dollars to an investment banking firm (this is what he referred to it as). The kid could not say who the firm was, but stated that the firm told him they had money that absolutely had to be out the door by the end of 2005, because of penalties that would be incurred if it was not in use. He was certainly left with the impression that it was a substantial problem for them, and they eagerly took down the names of every other software program he suggested they look into. Does this make sense to you, and if it does how would I go about finding the firms that have this ‘problem?’ Certainly I would be happy to assist in relieving as much of their burden as possible! Best Wishes,

Michael Roman-Pintille

“This is the one seminar to finish ALL SEMINARS! I had the same experience when I reached…my airplane in Bucharest Romania knowing that I will not come back and defect to the UK. I could not tell anyone how scary and how lively and how blessed I felt! To take off into your future and leave behind your past is what Dan can absolutely inspire you to do.”

Dale C. Bullough

“I had the opportunity to hear live an amazing individual named Daniel S. Peña, Sr. who built a company from scratch to $400,000,000…This is not theory. He did it. He will show you how to do it…His powerful one day…Quantum Leap seminar…reveals secrets he learned the hard way. Dan is really powerful…You have no risk! Satisfaction is guaranteed…I’m sure you will join me…in knowing ‘you got 20-times your money’s worth.’…I want you to share this tremendous learning experience.”

Craig Hofman

“Since 1989, I have seen many of the top world business resources through my participation in the Young Presidents Organization. Your seminar had more ‘take home value’ than any YPO business presentation I have experienced.”

Rich Rininer
Jacksonville, Florida

“I was expecting a good beating. That was the only disappointment because Dan is the kinder, gentler Dan. No more fooling myself. I decided to come despite believing I would not like him. Who cares? I do respect him and he was like no other speaker. Period. After Dan Pena you won’t need to question or doubt. Just do!”

Ted Nicholas

“Best seminar I have ever attended by far. It’s often said that one good idea make a seminar worthwhile. I got 103 great money making ideas from the mind and heart of a great communicator.”

Stanley Davis

“Dan Pena’s Seminar is worth any price if you want to find the path to achieve maximum growth presented by one who has been there…It gave me the answers I’ve been searching for.”

Bill Robb,
Profit Improvers Ltd

“Dan, After I paid £8000 to attend your 7-day Castle Seminar I began to question my sanity. “Who in their right mind pays that kind of money for a seminar?” Now I’m angry with myself for not attending years earlier! The day after the seminar I wrote one letter in 15 seconds that brought in £3750 – and I didn’t have to do anything for it! Three days after that another letter brought in £1975! In the past ten years I’ve lost about £30,000 because I didn’t have the courage to write similar letters. But this is nothing compared to the real value. By day four of the seminar, during the breaks, I made decisions and telephone calls I had put off for five years. My business is now headed in a new, bigger more exciting direction. Thank you for the extreme effort you put into that seminar.”

Brenda Robinson

“I came here with the goal of finding out what that one last obstacle was that was keeping me from beginning my Quantum Leap. I got exactly what I asked for and much more!”

Kirk Robinson

“You lazy bastard, you must attend to change your life. This was the most powerful presentation on change of life ever. The Best seminar I have attended.”

Andrew Reid

“I was exremely impressed, my high expectations were exceeded! I’m re-ignited to create bigger and better, be less compromising and make a bigger world for myself!

Tan C
Manchester, England

“23 years in business and I have had a unique experience with you, Dan. You get straight to the point – as straight as it comes.”

Shez K

“Dan is an outstanding individual who tells it how it is – no bullshit. I look forward to working with him in the very near future.”

John H Manchester,

“Dan, We have just (yesterday) completed our first acquisition. We have followed the system (QLA) and will continue to do so. Next month we have somewhere in the region of thirty interviews with financial institutions. We identified a very fragmented industry. Friday’s deal, £700,000 T/O, debt free and ten years established, completed with the owner accepting stage payments over 18 months. Sincere thanks to you. Kind regards”

Rod Wolford II Des Moines,

“Thank you Dan! The Pena seminars and tapes have taken us from zero to a 13.5 million a year company. The stuff works.”

K. Bernburg Ragnarsson
Reykjavik, Iceland

“Dan, I am a corporate finance advisor and I am a MBA. I was very impressed with your seminar in Iceland on Saturday and you certainly kicked my ass.”

Bjorn Sigurdsson
Reykjavik, Iceland

“I just want to thank Mr. Peña for a life altering Saturday. I attended Mr. Peña’s seminar yesterday in Reykjavik. It’s refreshing to experience his bulldog attitude, boy do we need more of that in this country. I am now following his advice and have taken action and formed a plan to make my dreams come to life. Best regards.”

Jerry Ormand
Founder & Chairman, Ormand Industries
Los Angeles, CA

“He started with $800, a great deal of ambition, and built a $400,000,000 company. He is brilliant, creative, and tenacious. His seminar is of incalculable value.”

Bob McCafferty
McCafferty and Co. Fair Oaks,

“Bravo! Your ‘Quantum Leap’ takes the seminar industry of how to run a successful business to a new level. No one else I’ve ever heard of (and I follow this business for new ideas daily) has actually done what they’re coaching: creating and managing a multi-million dollar business… But none I know of have actually done it. Except you. You’re unique. And you add a bonus. While Tony Robbins gets most of the applause for passion (and I’ve seen him in action), your passion is unexcelled… I say this from my perspective as a professional communicator for 28 years, including several years as a television anchorman and reporter and service on Ronald Reagan’s communication staff.”

John Allen Chalk, P.C. Gandy, Michener, Swindle, Whitaker, L.L.P.
Fort Worth, TX

“Your Quantum Leap Seminar… was a cobweb-destroying and eye-opening experience for me… You did for me exactly what I needed. I came away with re-definition, re-focus, and re-invigoration… Accept my profound gratitude .”

Tony Christodoulou

“Just a quick note to say thank you for a ‘Down to Earth’, No Bullshit – wake up call! You have added fuel to my fire – I’m now an inferno. I left London at 6:30 on Thursday and by 12:30 the same day I had made 10 changes to the business. The very next day I met up with my hardest prospect, sat down with them, took charge and closed a 200K deal. You have made me realise that I was becoming far too ‘touchy-feely’ and motivational, which has a place, but I needed to be concentrating on the numbers and pushing my troops out of their comfort zones…DAILY!!!! I hope that one day our paths will meet again.”

Diana Guerin
Senior Partner, BAssociates
Newport Beach, CA

“This seminar has opened my eyes to other avenues of problem-solving. It’s been very definitive as to plans of action, etc. This seminar picks up where text books leave off, with practical, applicable experience… It was realistic and believable, and not a ‘pep rally’.”

Louise Dewey
Founder, Women Entrepreneurs of Texas
Houston, TX

“Your Quantum Leap seminar… is invaluable.”

Rebecca Richardson
President, Richardson Advertising
Cincinnati, OH

“I attended Dan’s Dallas and Houston ‘Quantum Leap’ sessions and listened to the most exciting, dynamic presenter I’ve ever heard… He motivated people to positive action better than anyone… Dan’s methodology helped me negotiate a deal that will double my profitability over the next six months…”

James Boddy
London, England

“I’ve attended many seminars. This was the most efficient and uncomfortable wake up call yet.”

Christopher Dawkins
London, England

“A most excellent day. Congratulations to all involved.”

Thea Lansdell
London, England

“I found it much more down to earth and applicable to my business and my life than I expected.”

Reading Genius
Cupertino, California

“My income shot up 1200%! I went from charging $800 a day to $10,000 a day.”

J.T. Golder
London, England

“It was good to experience first hand Dan’s passion and drive. A superb day with a great deal of food for thought.”

Marc Bennett
London, England

“Knocked my socks off and completely recharged my batteries. No doubt that it will have a major impact on my future business career. Thanks.”

George and Deann Verdier
CEO Club Members

“As a direct result of attending your seminar, we had a cash flow increase last year of $500,000”

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