The Bully

The BullyYou were once a little boy going around school carrying your lunch box with you. You turn around the corner of your canteen and these big hands suddenly grab you by the collar extorting your lunch box and the few pennies you have in your pocket. You try to give in because you don’t want to be in trouble. This happens not only a few times but several times. Why? Because you allowed the big fat bully and you were helpless. That was more than 10 years ago and now it’s happening again. You are walking with all your paperwork and are getting ready to do more when you suddenly hear this monstrous voice calling your name, asking you to come. You don’t know what to do and you don’t know what you did wrong. You get inside and then all this blabbering starts just like what your mom did when you broke her favorite Ming Vase. You don’t know what you did and what he is was saying, but you keep on nodding your head. He orders you to get out and you obediently do; on the outside, you ask yourself why things happen all over again. Once in your life, you had to overcome this mean beast and now you are doing it again – he just happens to be without hair.

What can the solution be? Quit or bear? Bear and spend more years with this kind of work and this kind of person. Well maybe you will get used to the system soon and hoping that when your time to become boss comes, you can do the same to your subordinates. Quit? What else should follow? A lot of people who decide this plight tend to have their own business. Some happen to be successful while others are not as lucky as the rest. You then ask yourself what happened and if you are doomed to be bullied by someone all your life, Dan Pena on his official Web site gives hopeful people who want to have a new life and have the technique of becoming a successful businessman. He has shared with everyone his Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology which will help you be able to get acquainted with the life story of successful people and acquire their long-kept secret to success. Click and avail of his wonderful packages and get away from the bullies and help others as well.