The Passage to Business Success

The Passage to Business SuccessMost people especially the ones who want to endeavor and go into enterprising have difficulty knowing where to start and what course to take to be able to make sure that they are going to the right direction. Most people, not wanting to suffer so much and undergoing a lot of trials would always want to start where there is already much to take. They do not want to start from small since they know that one must work hard to be able to get to the top. Because of this way of thinking, not everyone succeeds.

Dan Pena, on his official Web site at stresses that success is not for everyone. It is for only the few ones who are willing to work hard and have the brawns to climb and fight their way to the top. He emphasized that it is not where you start but how you start that matters and that business, like any other things should always start right to be able to succeed.

Wall Street Journal pays tribute to the works of Dan Chu who is now a booming banker and getting more successful in the mining mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Dan Chu started from humble beginnings. He also made sure that he was able to help people from small towns like the ones he helps in India. He is stretching help to them; for him, this is a great sacrifice since he has to start from learning their language and their cultures. Dan Pena, through his audio and video seminar files and books on how to better run a business and finance your own dreams is Dan’s way to reach out to others as Mr. Chu.

The two men do not only share the same first name but also share the same vision. They do not want to enjoy their success by themselves but choose to share it with others. They choose to take actions and take the risk of reaching out to others and help those people’s lives improve. Having started at the bottom, Mr. Chu worked his way to become one of the most successful businessmen after working as a data auditor in Midland, Texas. He invested his small income and savings to a different range of investment banking and now he is enjoying his life with his wife and two daughters. He would like to instil in the minds of his daughters the importance of giving value to where you came from that we should always give importance to our roots and pursue the passage to success!