Too Ambitious Entrepreneur

Too Ambitious EntrepreneurI have always been an ambitious boy. My parents have different reactions on this certain trait of mine. My father encouraged me and told me that it’s always good to dream about being on top of everything and everybody while my mother always said that it is important for me to look back to where I came from – a humble beginning. I have always believed in both.

Now that I am a business man, I appreciate what my parents told me, but I particularly believe in the encouragement that my father said. Dan Pena is like him. I have only had my business for quite some time and told myself that I can do better than this. More than encouragement, I needed a guide that would boost me up and become better than what I am now. I was browsing through different materials on Business when I encountered Daniel S. Pena Sr.’s Your First 100 Million. I haven’t even reached my first million and here comes a man who is talking about a million dollars? I got so interested that I purchased his Quantum Leap Advantage Mega Pack and listening, watching, reading, and absorbing everything from his MP3 files, videos and PDFs. His Business Success Bible discussed about the different step-by-step guide on how to improve your business and grow your wealth from scratch. His Classic Collection in different seminars have encouraged me more and his advice on making business deals and raising capitals and dealing with people have really been very helpful.

Included in his classic collection are Live at the Harvard Club Seminar in MP3 file and his Quantum Leap Advantage Seminars in London and in the United States. His videos on his QLA Seminars in the United States and his video on How to Finance Your Dreams will educate each businessperson the flow of the business world as s/he learns where to find the right financial resources to aid the business make his/her dreams come true. His 3-Day Personal and Business Success Seminar Videos are so personalized that you will feel like you are present during the actual seminar providing you with answers for all your possible questions. His New 2010 Live Recording from Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Quantum Leap Advantage Lectures will help you understand more about his business theories as you practice them on your own.

I am so happy to have been impressed by his insights and now I am enjoying every minute of being an entrepreneur.